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Class of 2019: updated as of 6/26/19

Hurricane Warrior

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Mar 14, 2013

Everything you need to know about the Class of 2019! All updates and news regarding class of 2019.

SWAG 16 >>> SQUAD 17 >>> STORM 18 >>> SURGE 19>>> CATEGORY 20 >>>SAVAGE 21
Class of 2011 | Class of 2009

247Sports: 247Sports 400 | Commits | 4/6/17
Rivals: Rivals 250 | Commits
Scout: Scout 300 | Commits
ESPN: ESPN 250 | Commits

TE: Larry Hodges - 1/20/18
DE: Cameron Williams - 1/20/18
WR: Jeremiah Payton - 1/20/18
LB: Avery Huff - 5/7/18
S: Keontra Smith - 5/13/18
CB: Te'Cory Couch - 6/17/18
DE: Jahfari Harvey - 6/20/18
DT: Jalar Holley - 7/29/18
DT: Jason Blissett - 9/14/18
OC: Jakai Clark - 12/10/18
P: Louis Hedley - 11/4/18 (JC)
OL: Zion Nelson - 12/13/18
LB: Samuel Brooks Jr.3/3/18 (Cane Legacy) (Decommited 12/12/18) (Recommited 12/15/18)
OT: Tommy Kennedy - 12/18/18 (Grad Transfer from Butler)
RB: Asa Martin - 12/19/18 (Transfer from Auburn)
OT: Adam ElGammal - 12/20/18
S: Bubba Bolden - 1/9/19 (Transfer from USC)

WR: K.J. Osborn - 1/10/19 (Grad Transfer from Buffalo)
QB: Tate Martell - 1/16/19 (Transfer from OSU)

DT Chigozie Nnoruka - 1/22/19 (Grad Transfer from UCLA)
QB: Peyton Matocha - 1/26/19
CB: Christian Williams - 2/6/19
CB: Trevon Hill - 2/6/19 (Grad Transfer from VT)
DE: Jaelan Phillips - 2/21/19 (Transfer from UCLA)
OG: Ousman Traore - 6/7/19 (JC Transfer from Hutchinson C.C. (KS))

FB: Zac Smith* - 10/21/17 (247 | hudl | Twitter)
LS: Mason Napper* - 02/21/18
QB: Carson Proctor* - 1/18/19 (JC Transfer)

CB: Akeem Dent - 7/16/16 (decommitted 3/27/17) - FSU
DL: Derick Hunter - 6/8/17 | 11/16/17 Texas A&M
LB: Diamante Howard - 9/1/16 (247) (Cane Legacy) FIU
WR: Brieon Fuller - 5/24/17 (247 | hudl | ESPN | Rivals | Scout | Twitter) (Cane Legacy)
OL: Brandon Cunningham - 7/22/17 (247) - Miss State
LB: Jesiah Pierre - 6/23/16 Florida
DT: Renato Brown - 9/12/17
DT: Denzel Daxon - 10/21/17 (Decommited 8/6/18)
RB: Marcus Crowley - 12/6/17 (247 | ESPN | Rivals | hudl | Twitter) (Decommited 11/4/18) OSU
DB: Cornelius Nunn Jr. - 10/17/18 (Decommited 11/5/18) Syracuse
CB: Damarius Good - 5/30/18 (Decommited 11/11/18) UCF
OL: Kingsley Eguakun - 1/12/18 (Decommited 12/2/18) Florida
OL: Michael Tarquin - 4/21/18 (Decommited 12/3/18) Florida
LB: Anthony Solomon4/4/18 (Cane Legacy)
CB: Jarvis Brownlee - 6/7/18 (Decommited 12/13/18) FSU
DL: Jason Munoz - 6/2/18 (Decommited 1/28/19) Syracuse


Commitment Timeline:
06/23/16 Jesiah Pierre Commits - NR
07/16/16 Akeem Dent Commits - NR
09/01/16 Diamante Howard Commits - NR
03/27/17 Akeem Dent Decommits - 5 Star (Class #9) - FSU
05/24/17 Brieon Fuller Commits - 4 Star (197) (Class #8)
06/28/17 Derick Hunter Jr. Commits - 4 Star (165), (Class #6)
07/22/17 Brandon Cunningham Commits - 4 Star (249), (Class #5)
09/12/17 Renato Brown Commits - 3 Star (549), (Class #5)
10/21/17 Denzel Daxon Commits - NR, (Class #5)
10/21/17 Zac Smith* Commits - NR (Class #5)
06/28/17 Derick Hunter Jr. Decommits - 4 Star (162), (Class #8) Texas A&M
12/06/17 Marcus Crowley Commits - NR (Class #8)
01/12/18 Kingsley Eguakun commits - NR (Class #6)
01/20/18 Larry Hodges Commits - 3 Star (448), (Class #2 )
01/20/18 Cameron Williams Commits - 3 Star (399), (Class #2 )
02/20/18 Jeremiah Payton Commits - 4 Star (87), (Class #1)
02/21/18 Mason Napper* Commits - NR, (Class #1)
03/03/18 Samuel Brooks Jr. Commits – 3 Star (Class #1)
03/24/16 Diamante Howard Decommits - 3 Star (Class #2)
04/02/18 Brieon Fuller Decommits - 4 Star (216) (Class #2 )
04/04/18 Anthony Solomon Commits - 4 Star (175), (Class #2)
04/13/18 Brandon Cunningham Decommits - 3 Star (392) (Class #4) - Miss State
04/21/18 Michael Tarquin Commits - 4 Star (275), (Class #7)
05/07/18 Avery Huff Commits - 4 Star (321), (Class #7)
05/13/18 Keontra Smith Commits - 4 Star (220), (Class #4)
05/18/18 Jesiah Pierre Decommits - 3 Star (606), (Class #6) - Florida
05/21/18 Renato Brown Decommits - 3 Star (546), (Class #11)
05/30/18 Damarius Good Commits - 3 Star (676), (Class #9)
06/02/18 Jason Munoz Commits - 3 Star (708), (Class #7)
06/07/18 Jarvis Brownlee Commits - 3 Star (935), (Class #5)
06/17/18 Te'Cory Couch Commits - 4 Star (204), (Class #8)
06/20/18 Jahfari Harvey Commits - 3 Star (652), (Class #7)
07/29/18 Jalar Holley Commits - 3 Star (828), (Class #18)
08/06/18 Denzel Daxon Decommits - 3 Star (593), (Class #19)
09/14/18 Jason Blissett Commits - 3 Star (551), (Class #18)
10/17/18 Cornelius Nunn Jr. Commits - 3 Star (499), (Class #18)
12/06/17 Marcus Crowley Decommits - 573 (Class #20) - Ohio State
12/05/18 Louis Hedley Commits - NR (Class #20)
11/05/18 Cornelius Nunn Jr. Decommits - 3 Star (499), (Class #22) - Syracuse
11/11/18 Damarius Good Decommits - 3 Star (710), (Class #24) - UCF
12/02/18: Kingsley Eguakun Decommited - 3* (788), (Class #26) - Florida
12/02/18 Michael Tarquin Decommited - 4* (284), (Class #29) - Florida
12/10/18 Jakai Clark Commits - 3* (1457), (Class #29)

12/12/18 Samuel Brooks Jr. Decommits – 3* (Class #29)
12/13/18 Jarvis Brownlee Decommits - 3* (935), (Class #32) - Florida

12/13/18 Zion Nelson Commits - 2* (3125) (Class #32)
12/15/18 Samuel Brooks Jr. Recommits – 3* (725) (Class #34)
12/18/18 Tommy Kennedy Commits - NR (2015) (Grad Transfer from Butler)
12/19/18 Asa Martin Commits - 4* (2018) (Transfer from Auburn)
12/20/18 Adam ElGammal Commits - 3* (1497) (Class #33)
01/09/19 Bubba Bolden Commits - 4* (2017) (Transfer from USC)
01/10/19 K.J. Osborn - 2* ( 2015) (Grad Transfer from Buffalo)

01/16/19 Tate Martell Commits - 4* (2017) (Transfer from OSU)
01/18/19 Carson Proctor* – to Walk-On at UM (JC Transfer)
01/21/19 Chigozie Nnoruka Commits - NR (2015) (Grad Transfer from UCLA)
01/26/19 Peyton Matocha Commits - 3* (1672) (Class #32)
01/28/19 Jason Munoz Decommits - 3* (841), (Class #36) - Syracuse
02/06/19 Christian Williams Commits - 4* (160) (Class #28)
02/06/19 Trevon Hill Commits - 3* (2015) (Grad Transfer from VT)
02/21/19 Jaelan Phillips Commits - 5* (2017) (Transfer from UCLA)
06/07/19 Ousman Traore - NR (2018) (JC Transfer from Hutchinson C.C. (KS))

06/25/19 Asa Martin enters the transfer Portal

2020 K.J. Osborn Drafted 6 Round by Minnesota Vikings
2020 Trevon Hill FA New England Patriots

* = Walk-on
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Hurricane Warrior

Retired staff
Mar 14, 2013

Michael Johnson Jr.*
Taisun Phommachanh ( 247 | ESPN | Rivals | Scout | hudl)

Trey Sanders*
Noah Cain*
Nay'quan Wright*
Eric Gray* (247)

Frank Ladson*
John Dunmore*
Kalani Norris (247)
Charles Njoku (247) (David's Brother)

Keon Zipperer*
Jalen Wydermyer*

Evan Neal* (Rivals | Scout | ESPN | hudl | twitter) (Cleveland Gary's Cousin)
Darnell Wright*
William Putnam*
Dontae Lucas* (hudl | Rivals | Scout | ESPN | Twitter)

Braylen Ingraham*
Tyler Davis*

Khris Bogle*
Quashon Fuller*
Mike Morris*
George Karlaftis* - Legacy Matt Karlaftis' Son
King Mwikuta* (247 | ESPN | Scout | Rivals | hudl | Twitter | 3/26/17 Opening)

Rian Davis*
Mikel Jones (247) (Frank Gore's Cousin)
Jahmar Brown* (6/16/17 | Offer)

Tyrique Stevenson*
Jordan Battle*
Josh Sanguinetti*
Jaden Davis* (247)

Kenny McIntosh* (RJ's brother)
Mark-Antony Richards* (Ahmmon's brother)

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Nov 30, 2014
Golden, Miami offers two more 8th graders
Ryan Bartow - Apr 30, 9:59 AM

Running backs James Cook (Miami/Central) and Nayquan Wright (Carol City, Fla.) both picked up verbal offers prior to entering high school from Miami.

They are the fourth and fifth known 2019 prospects Miami has verbally offered.

Owen Pappoe (Loganville, Ga./Grayson), a 6-foot-1, 190-pound running back, Blake Hinson (Daytona Beach, Fla./Warner Christian Academy), a 6-foot-5, 200-pound tight end and athlete Kenny McIntosh (Fort Lauderdale, Fla./University School) also claim verbal offers from the Hurricanes.

Miami has 20 verbal commits in the 2016 class, six verbal commits in the 2017 class and three verbal commits in the 2018 class.

They've yet to take a verbal commit for the 2019 class.

Kenny McIntosh was throwing up the U about 50 times in the high school media day interview of Al Blades Jr. Monitor that situation the next few years, kid loves Miami, but is going to_________?.... He will be a player though

Hurricane Warrior

Retired staff
Mar 14, 2013
247 | ESPN | Scout | Rivals | hudl | Twitter
3/26/17 Opening
6'4.5", 217 lbs, 4.5 SH, 43.5 PB, 30.9 VJ


4-star lands `dream' offer after Kuligowski evaluated him
Matt Shodell | Managing Editor
Call him the king of the football field.Or just “King.”LaGrange (Ga.) Troup High School Class of 2019 LB King Mwikuta, who is named after one of his father’s best friends, could be King Cane in the...


A handful of schools have offered 2019 LB King Mwikuta. More to Come.
Chad Simmons

LAGRANGE, Ga. — There is a sophomore in Georgia who hit a growth spurt the last six months and he has created a buzz. He has picked up a handful of offers with more on the way...

Last fall, King Mwikuta was playing safety for the Lagrange (Ga.) Troup County ninth grade team. He was around 6-foot-1 and 175 pounds.

Fast forward nine months and he is now 6-4, 206 pounds with those same long arms and athleticism. He has emerged as a prospect in the 2019 class.

After watching him workout Tuesday, Mwikuta is very intriguing. He is athletic and he really hustles and plays hard. He is learning on the fly due to the growth spurt. He was playing defensive back months ago, now he is at outside linebacker, and he could be an edge rusher when all is said and done. He was taking coaching well from the Troup County staff and he showed flashes of what that staff hopes he will become.

He has been measured and he has an 82-inch wingspan. He has been compared to recent first round pick Leonard Floyd body wise, but he is still very raw as a prospect. Mwikuta has a lot to like though. The first thing that stood out Tuesday was his competitive nature. He wants to be out there. He wants to learn. He wants to be coached. And he was always playing hard in the Georgia heat.

It is a little scary to think what he could be if it all comes together for him. He has to hit the weights and get stronger at the point of attack and continue to learn the position, but he has real upside.

He already has offers from Appalachian State, Georgia State, Jacksonville State and Louisville.
In this interview, he talks early offers, what those mean to him, what Alabama and Georgia showed him at camp and more.


Alabama leads for rising junior LB King Mwikuta, but Auburn not far behind
By Drew Champlin | dchamplin@al.com
on April 13, 2017 at 4:10 PM, updated April 13, 2017 at 11:22 PM

One of the region's top prospects in the 2019 class has Alabama as his leader.

Auburn isn't too far behind, though, for LaGrange, Ga., linebacker King Mwikuta.

Mwikuta, a 6-foot-4, 220-pound four-star recruit ranked as the country's No. 70 overall recruit and No. 5 outside linebacker, has Alabama on top followed by Georgia, Auburn, Florida State and Clemson in that order, he said Saturday after Auburn's A-Day game.

Mwikuta, who aspires a career in radiology, is being recruited to Auburn to play the BUCK position (defensive end/linebacker hybrid). He has made the close trip from LaGrange to Auburn numerous times.

"First, their practice (stands out), I can say that," Mwikuta said. "People around, fans, coaches. I can say the culture is good. I always harp on that when I come here. I say the culture is good around here. That's one of the things I look for in a school, the doctoral school. The culture around, you can't have bad culture because that brings bad habits around."

But Alabama, a school which offered in January, still leads. Mwikuta has made multiple trips to Tuscaloosa this spring.
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Mar 14, 2013
Derick Hunter* (247 | Rivals | Scout | ESPN | hudl | twitter)


Massive 2019 ATH Derick Hunter Attracting SEC Attention, Aims for Miami Offer
OCTOBER 20, 2016

The buzz is building around Dunbar High School (Fort Myers, Florida) sophomore Derick Hunter, who claims multiple FBS scholarship offers despite limited varsity snaps.

Standing 6'5" and 231 pounds, this versatile underclassman landed his first offer from South Florida as a freshman. Florida and Notre Dame have since entered the equation.

"I was shocked," Hunter told Bleacher Report while discussing the Fighting Irish offer that arrived earlier this month.

Hunter, who moved into starting roles on both sides of the ball this season, is labeled an athlete by Scout.com, and it's probably best not to pigeonhole him to one particular position at this point in his career.

He currently lines up at tight end and defensive tackle, but the 16-year-old understands continued physical development may alter his collegiate outlook.

"If I end up, like, 6'7" or 6'8", my future might be at offensive tackle," Hunter said. "I'm OK with that. I just want to help the team where I can."

While a transition from 231-pound tight end to possible SEC offensive tackle won't occur overnight, he's no stranger to battling inside.

"I love to block," Hunter said. "I'm proud of the work I've done in the trenches."

Offensive tackle, tight end, defensive end and defensive tackle are each potential landing spots for this emerging Sunshine State standout. Ultimately, he believes the end result is what matter most, regardless of where he competes for snaps on a college campus.

"At the end of the day, as long as I make it out from where I'm from, it doesn't matter what position I'm playing—I made it," Hunter said.

South Florida seemingly secures an edge in familiarity, as the program has established a presence in his community and extended an offer before any other university. The staff expressed significant interest since spring practice and didn't hesitate to pull the trigger.

"It shows they love to recruit this area and there are already a lot of players from here on the team," Hunter said. "Plus, their program is really getting it done on the field right now."

The Bulls are 6-1 this season under head coach Willie Taggart but may be hard-pressed to hold off Power Five heavyweights en route to national signing day 2019.

Florida also opted to present an offer before Hunter's sophomore season, opening the door for his first concrete SEC opportunity in July:

Derick hunter. jr
Blessed to say I got my second offer from UF #GatorNation https://t.co/FkzR4wDhJ3

7/11/2016, 4:22:23 AM
While South Florida is enamored with Hunter's potential at tight end, the Gators view him as a defensive line prospect. He plans to return to campus Nov. 12 for the team's game against South Florida.

"I'm trying to build a relationship with Florida coaches as fast as I can," Hunter said. "That's a school I'll definitely look at close these next couple years."

Notre Dame also appears to be in solid long-term shape here following an Oct. 5 offer. After his initial surprise about the scholarship, reality has set in for Hunter, and the Fighting Irish could be a contender deep into this recruiting cycle.

"I've thought about Notre Dame a lot since then and it's a place I'd really consider as, like, a top-five school for me in the future," he said. "The football tradition there is crazy."

Head coach Brian Kelly and his staff project Hunter at defensive tackle, providing further indication of how scouts expect him to physically mature.

Though he already holds offers from two in-state schools, another has long attracted his attention. Hunter grew up a fan of the Miami Hurricanes.

"My dad and I talk about getting that Miami offer a lot. It's a big goal for me," he said. "Hopefully that happens, but right now I'm focused on the offers I have and taking this process day by day."

Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt is navigating through his first full recruiting cycle in Coral Gables, and as he continues to sort through Florida natives, expect Hunter's name to come up as a prospect of interest moving ahead.

Meanwhile, there's growing dialogue with Richt's former program—the Georgia Bulldogs. Hunter didn't rule out attending a game in Athens, and also pointed to Michigan State as a team that's expressed substantial interest:

Derick hunter. jr
Thanks for the love #Spartans #MSU @MSU_Football https://t.co/sck2qta7PZ

9/13/2016, 12:57:29 PM
After missing two games with a sprained MCL this season, Hunter is again feeling healthy. He recorded five tackles and opened lanes as a run-blocker during a 41-0 win over Island Coast High School, per MaxPreps, just two days after an offer from Notre Dame took his recruitment to another level.

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Mar 14, 2013
Samuel Brooks Jr. (Cane Legacy) (247 | ESPN | Scout | Rivals | hudl)

We need to offer this kid!!!

✓ Hurricane Legacy (Nate Brooks).
✓ Wants to be a Cane (LB has eye on becoming a Cane).
✓ Miami Pipeline School (Miami Northwestern).
✓ Miami Speed (4.62 40, 4.2 SH).

The Opening (Orlando) 02-19-2017
6'1.5" 191 lbs
40: 4.62
SH: 4.2
PB: 41.5
VJ: 34.4
SPARQ: 117

Samuel Brooks, 2019 OLB, Miami (Fla.) Northwestern
The debate about his future position, between outside linebacker and defensive end, may be far from over but one thing is sure about Sam Brooks -- he's an athlete. His testing results alone Sunday warranted consideration on Scout's list. He was a top 10 overall Nike Rating performer, checking in at just under 6-foot-2, 200 pounds, logging and impressive 4.62-second 40-yard dash time in the process. But what turns heads more with the edge rusher is a short shuttle time of 4.20 seconds, a top 20 overall time regardless of position. That time would be impressive in any region, even more so in the fertile state of Florida. The Miami Hurricane legacy recruit holds double digit scholarship offers at this time, including Power-5 extensions from Kentucky and Rutgers.

Miami Northwestern Pass-Rush Specialist: 19' DE Samuel Brooks Jr.
June 3, 2016 Jerry Williamson

The bulls defense -- has an extremely gifted speed rusher that goes by the name Samuel Brooks Jr., who stands 6-foot-2, 185-pounds, who can flat out run and has the strength to cause havoc within the trenches. The bulls rising star who prefers to be known as the "Edge Hunter", deserves his sports' nickname. The "Edge Hunter" ranked number one amongst all freshman this past fall in South Florida at the highest level of competition (6A-8A classification).

This past spring -- at the Miami Nike Combine located at North Miami Athletic Stadium. Brooks Jr., ranked #3 overall amongst all defensive lineman with a rating of a 84.96. The speed rusher showcased his explosion by leaping a 33.6 (Vertical Jump) and recording an electronically-timed, 4.73 40-yard dash.

The edge rusher, finished Top 15 in South Florida in quarterback sacks. Brooks Jr., was responsible for 12.5 sacks last fall. He recorded 35 - tackles, 2 - fumble recoveries and 1 - defensive touchdown. On special teams, he also made an impact by blocking 1 - field goal and 2 - punts.

Five college football programs (Toledo, UAB, Idaho, Temple, FAU) have already extended early offers to the bulls edge rusher. He has the potential to be a 4-star at worst, all said and done considering his game and athleticism. The bulls could very well add to their NFL Draft picks with this young man.
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Mar 14, 2013
Taisun Phommachanh ( 247 | ESPN | Rivals | Scout | hudl)

Looks like he is trying to get open for next year.... participated in 3 Openings this year.

Williams, Jarren QB 6-2 201 40: 4.83 SH: 4.45 PB: 37.0 VJ: 30.9 SPARQ: 85.08 (5/7/17 NC)
Sitkowski, Artur QB 6-5 215 40: 4.97 SH: 4.46 PB: 36.5 VJ: 26.8 SPARQ: 76.73
Phommachanh, Taisun QB 6-3 196 40: 4.97 SH: 4.69 PB: 35.0 VJ: 28.2 SPARQ: 65.79 (4/30/17 NJ)
Phommachanh, Taisun QB 6-3 194 40: 4.89 SH: 4.47 PB: 37.0 VJ: 28.6 SPARQ: 77.79 (4/23/17 DC)
Phommachanh, Taisun QB 6-3 192 40: 4.94 SH: 4.7 PB: 31 VJ: 26.7 SPARQ: 56.58 (2/26/27 Miami)

Not as big as Sit but has a better PB and VJ and faster 40 already. he may grow to be 6'4"-6'5" and should come into college around 215 in 2 years. Surprised that he doesn't have a higher VJ since he plays BBall as well but a good athlete for a QB.

Class of 2019 quarterback Taisum Phommachanh is loading up on offers.
As schools trickle through Avon (Conn.) Old Farms, the offers are flowing for class of 2019 quarterback Taisun Phommachanh.

In the last week, Iowa, Cincinnati, Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana each offered, and Rutgers could extend one Wednesday since Rutgers coach Chris Ash will be at the school.

The 6-foot-3 1/2, 186-pound Phommachanh also holds offers from Michigan, Minnesota, Pittsburgh and Syracuse, and now he is trying to figure out a visit schedule.
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Mar 14, 2013
Mikel Jones (247) (Frank Gore's Cousin)




Nike Opening 2/26/17
Jones, Mikel 19 LB Mater Academy- FL 6-0 207 SH: 4.45 PB: 34 VJ: 30
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Nov 3, 2011
So looking ahead, we will have the room to sign another big class. So maybe say 25:

QB - 1
RB - 2
TE - 2
WR - 3
OL - 4

OFF - 12

DE - 2
DT - 3
LB - 4
DB - 4

DEF - 13

We wont need a kicker or punter. Thoughts?

Hurricane Warrior

Retired staff
Mar 14, 2013

159 Brieon Fuller
NR Derick Hunter
NR Brandon Cunningham
NR Diamante Howard
NR Jesiah Pierre

88 Derick Hunter (5.9)
113 Brieon Fuller (5.9)
NR Diamante Howard (5.7)
NR Jesiah Pierre (5.6)
NR Brandon Cunningham (5.6)

173 Derick Hunter (91)
155 Brieon Fuller (91)
235 Brandon Cunningham (90)
286 Diamante Howard (88)
340 Jesiah Pierre (86)

89 Brieon Fuller (83)
259 Derick Hunter (79)
286 Jesiah Pierre (78)
NR Brandon Cunningham (NR)
NR Diamante Howard (NR)
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