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Class Impact: James Williams to Miami, Part Two

Apr 9, 2016


Apr 7, 2016
I don't think he's strictly a Safety at all. He's gotta be moved around IMO.

Not only is this epic because we're getting a local alpha/5-star talent, but we're finally creating some legit competition on our roster. That's the biggest thing for me.
I agree, I believe you literally can't line him up in one position. If what Surtain said is true and he's a football junkie he needs to learn all the positions on the backend and lb spots. See where he shines. Which I believe will be more than one spot.


All-Big East
Jan 25, 2017
Our safety room is going to be insane. I was extremely happy with Kinchens, but you plug Williams in there along with Avantae, sheesh. The CB room has been a bit of an underperformer (hopefully that changes this year) but having stud safeties will make it easier on the CBs.

All that talent sitting in there...and then Ed walks in.


Dec 12, 2014
I don't think he's strictly a Safety at all. He's gotta be moved around IMO.

Not only is this epic because we're getting a local alpha/5-star talent, but we're finally creating some legit competition on our roster. That's the biggest thing for me.
Biggest for me as well...and it should be. Always has been about competition during our Heydays....

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Editorial staff
Nov 11, 2019
It’s going to be interesting seeing high level talent in this scheme. We’ve had some nice players but not really any freaks.

Closest we had was Willis (who was a big time recruit when he signed with UF) and he looked like a monster at the 3T. Seeing Williams, Taylor, and maybe even T2 in this scheme will show us what elite talent really looks like.


Jun 21, 2018
This is not no shock, he's from Miami, what's happening is several factors, one, we getting back to the old days where Miami guys said phuck going to those redneck schools and helping to put money in their pockets to buy robes. So it was in the old days and now it's returning, so more guys are staying home again, nobody wants to deal with that bullshat, and Miami playa's not gone sit back, might as well stay home and deal with the Miami bullshat, although it's here too, but we Home. Next corona, no need in going all the way up the road with whatever is lurking around out their.

Than, we gotta give coach banda his credit, been saying it for over 3 years now, coach banda is a certified Miami guy, alot of the seeds he's been planting since he got here are starting to sprout now, he's well respected down here cause he's real and genuine. That man saw the light in year one at UM, especially once he got into the communities!

Than of course the ed reed affect, he's actually a better fit for this staff in this role than Highsmith, who should actually be the A.D. . When ed let's these players know straight up how he wasn't no starter when he came either, and he rKedshirted too, and SEAN TAYLOR wasn't no starter either when HE came in, letting em know the path to GREATNESS comes thru your own teammates 1st, not against opposing opponents. Recruiting this year is going to be easy for UM.

The question I have is, is coach shannon coming back to be the d-co, this manny diaz minion we have, is right now in the suspect category, including coach diaz. The players are definitely trying to stay home this year, not to many games can be played based on the circumstances, corona done nullified alot of the bag game/men.

And while all this hype about some player because of his so called "5 star" ranking dont mean jack schmitt, him and the rest of the players are only "5 stars" when they start playing like one in actual real college games if their is actually a season/s. Right now, they are all just recruits, and he's james williams, not no Isaiah simmons, all this comparison crap is futile. When we was coming up, it was an insult to compare us to anybody, we'd tell you quick, to whoever you compared us too, GTFOH, i'm better than him.


Jan 2, 2019
A lot of the comparisons are right on, but I also see him as a way better and bigger Jabrill Peppers that the Wolverines had. On obvious run downs he can rotate into the box and thump, yet still cover players one on one in passing situations. Either way, he is going to ball if he gets on campus as a Hurricane.

Deleted member 25284

My comparisons aren’t as great as some of you guys but I’m going with jumbo minkah Fitzpatrick.. smart, always in the right spot, superb ball skills..


Jul 8, 2019
Kitchens at FS Tae at SS and Willams at Stricker omg we fukkin!!! Hopefully we get Marshall at CB that woukd be a crazy elite defence. A d can someone answer this question isnt Collier wanting ti play CB rather than safety.?? Id take him let gim play CB with Marshall damn what a Class cant wait till LT commits.


Jan 9, 2012
What I find possibly the most encouraging is that this kid is a football film junkie. Often times kids with this type of freakish athleticism get by most of their young careers on that ability alone, and they never bother to really understand the nuances of the game. A kid like Matthew Thomas (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA) comes to mind.
The fact that he is some kinda manbeast who has the mindset to study film and hone his craft is a scary thing!


Nov 2, 2011
Simmons is the right comparison in terms of
Football ability and place on the field but not in terms of athleticism. Simmons is an elite athlete - not sure Williams is at that level