CIS report on WQAM - April 25th

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Pete you seem to be more relaxed answering questions then asking them? You are growing bro, the trajectory is off the charts.

This is the funniest thing EVER! I read posts, posts, and THEN this shows up and I laugh every single time!

Pete has a great sense of humor - so that makes it even better.

Cane Dynasty - thanks for the laughs! You too, Pete!
Dude, QAM need to let you and Donno do an hour a week on the 'Canes. Could actually get into some interesting stuff in some real detail. That would be great ****.

Big O clearly doesn't know the difference between a Miami Hurricane and a manhole cover. That guy is so clueless it's embarrassing. As was his constant harping on the contact scrimmages, as if that was the only thing worth talking about. Sorry to everyone I'm offending, but he did not come across well in those last two interviews with Pete.