Christian Williams Discusses Transition To College


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Feb 22, 2018
Former 4-star corner Christian Williams from Alabama was one of the gems Manny Diaz and his staff uncovered once they took over. Being from Alabama and being a late addition to the class meant that Williams did not know many people at Miami, which made the transition to college difficult at times.

“At first, I struggled a little bit mentally by not knowing anybody here. As I started meeting my teammates more and more every day, it started to feel like home. I really like it.” Williams continued, “I’m close with Jared (Harrison-Hunte) and Jason (Blissett), my two suitemates. We hang out and pretty much do everything together.”

Williams arrived on campus in May, but he already feels like a different player.

“One thing I always wanted to do was to get faster. By working with the quick and fast receivers down here and by taking care of my body, I think I’ve actually gotten faster and stronger.”

Aside from not knowing many people, adjusting to covering South Florida receivers was also a difficult transition for Williams.

“They are way quicker and faster. It is like a whole different speed.”

While the physical side of the game was a change from the high school level, Williams felt that the mental side was more of a challenge.

“Definitely the mental side. In high school, the game was simple, but then when I got here, it was a lot to learn in a certain amount of time.”

Trajan Bandy, Al Blades, and DJ Ivey are the clear top three corners on the roster right now, and Williams is looking to learn from them and eventually get on the same level as them.

“I think all of them are really good. I’ve still got a little bit to learn. They have been around longer, so they have actually seen things during the season. I haven’t actually seen a whole college game yet, so they have more knowledge, but they are helping us learn more.”

One of the main reasons Williams chose Miami was because of the cornerbacks coach, Mike Rumph. It is still early, but Williams is already a fan of how coach Rumph teaches the craft of playing corner.

“He’s a people’s guy, so he really knows how to understand you. He understands if you are doing good or if you are doing bad. He understands how you learn, if you learn this way or that way.”


Jun 21, 2018
Glad that we're recruiting more across all of the southeast.

And doing really well in north Florida and GA.

If we get this train rolling again, it'll be an avalanche of interest from recruits from everywhere.
Yeah, and the great news is, we just need to continue to stick to the current and ole time tested formula, the crib first and cherry pick the outside selected few!


May 23, 2013
Huge cultural differences but I love it....friends for life.
Funny thing is I just watched Remember the Titans the other day (just a little bit more of a cultural difference in that


Sep 5, 2016
Really random but f’ck is it ever important for these out of state kids to get roommates they like.

I remember my first year of university my roommate was a complete Zero and I hated my life.

Chris Steele situation a prime is example of why you want to recruit good kids.

Back on subject, I love what Rumph can do with this kid.