Canes Baseball gettin it in!

Feb 24, 2018


Dec 4, 2016
So where are all the people that were just griping about the program and DiMare?
I definitely had my gripes about the program after game 1, even though I didn’t go public with them. Wanted to give them a chance to wake up. UF is definitely a top 10 team but if you know anything about baseball, you can tell that we are a more talented team this year. We should’ve swept them but let’s not forget that we had game 2 lost until they walked 5 batters and walked 3 runs in to give us the tie. This series could’ve easily gone 2-1 the other way.

For me it’s how passive the approach is at the plate. Most hitters look like they’re trying to get walked instead of looking for pitches to drive and being aggressive. That’s coaching philosophy and it’s not one that is going to win you a National Championship. We took advantage of key situations (walks) and errors to take this series but Florida looked like the much more aggressive team at the plate. Gotta fix that moving forward. Hopefully the success they had in Game 2 and 3 gives them confidence to get the bat off their shoulders moving forward in the season.