Cameron Cole


Nov 6, 2011
DB Cameron Cole says he's been talking a lot with Miami coaches since visiting the weekend of Dec. 10.*

"There are some Clearinghouse things I'm trying to get straightened out," Cole said. "Once that's straightened out I'll have an offer from Miami. Otherwise I'll have an offer to come out in May."*

Cole says of the Clearinghouse issue that "I'm hoping it'll be cleared up soon because I know I'm qualified. But that stuff takes forever. I might come back after the break and then they might clear me sometime in January and I can leave then where I'll start a week or two late."*

He says if he gets through the Clearinghouse in time to arrive early he'll almost certainly attend Miami.*

If not he may also take a visit to Texas Tech.*

"Miami is the frontrunner right now," Cole said. "If I get cleared it's like a 90 percent chance I'll be at Miami."*

Cole says Cane coaches "say they need me to play right away. The corner I played with this year (Ladarius Gunter) is going there, and me and him could be in there, and they might change the package around because we played man and Brandon (McGee) likes to play man. It's a good chance even if I'm not starting I'll get a lot of playing time."*

Cole says he's also giving some consideration to Cincinnati, Indiana, Akron and Bowling Green.*

"I'm supposed to visit Cincinnati over the break since it's close to home, but we'll see," he said. "I'm not sure about that yet."*


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Oct 12, 2011
please post a link to the source when quoting.