Burrow + His WR’s = Greatness


Aug 21, 2019
I’m frankly annoyed by the sport media slurping on their white knight while leaving out the AMAZING FUKKING CATCHES HIS WR’s have been making ALL SEASON for him.

Those WR’s are making NFL QUALITY CATCHES— mid-air twisting and under heavy CB coverage and arm battles....

Burrow would not be who he is without his amazing WR’s catching for him. And that’s a 50/50 relationship.

Because his throws are essentially “imma gonna just throw this shyt up near you somewhere and you battle for it meng!!”

His WRs are awesome. Every time I've watched Chase he is the closest thing I've seen to AJ in a long time. But no, Burrow's passes are on the money. It's absurd how often he places the ball perfectly, even when he's on the move.