The Franchise

Sep 4, 2012
Eddie Griffin on Chronic 2001 even called it. The biggest pimp on planet Muthaflacking Earth is her momma!
Never heard of him, but when a mom is depraved enough to sell her kid so she can get $200 manicures, the latest Gucci sneaks, and Louis bags, she’s not settling for anything less than the highest bid.

I don’t know if moms is pimpin in this case, but if she is, it’s a wrap for the good guys in Gables.


Aug 11, 2015
When moms is doing the pimpin’ we almost always lose. Momma pimps are ruthless with those bags. If a mom is callous enough to pimp her own child she’s capable of anything.
Agreed. In this instance there was a lil more to it. She mainly just wants to see her son get every opportunity possible. She was taking 3k every other week to do it but I understand her perspective. For her it was he will never reach his potential be it at rb ( his original position) safety or lb, while hes playing these same kids at this local level. Obviously she could've stayed a hell of a lot closer but at that point it was the people she went to for advice were all cali based. She made her own decisions from there because she wanted him around people she trusted for coaching (obviously that isn't snoop or any of his people.) He has a personal trainer on both coasts. Like I always tell yall this is a HUGE business (at every level)some places it's just about the betting which is huge as any dude from the south knows at others it's about basically pimping these kids