Blades & Ivey video VS UAB


Aug 27, 2016
He better be in the film room and in the gym because if we can see and Twitter can see it then other teams can see it which means he’s going to get picked on all season long


Feb 19, 2018
I think Miami is gonna win Saturday but Ivey and Carter will be exposed. Ivey never, i mean never, turns his head to look for the ball. He always seems to be a trail position which doesnt bode well for a player when their always a step slow and never look for the ball.

I dont care what size they are get players in here that can stick to that hip pocket. Tim burns and Kevin Knowles are pure stick corners. Have we not seen what Asante Jr has done, Im tired of these coaches looking for unicorns. Dogs>>>>unicorns.


Dec 10, 2012
All of the Ivey clips are VERY bad.....however if you’re going to make a clip of only things he did wrong you can do that for every football player in history.

You can also put together clips from UAB on things he did well in run support etc......

The key thing is, does that player do things right the majority of the time?..:in the case of Ivey....I would say no.

But putting together some tape of ONLY their bad plays is not a good look. He took 54 snaps if you count the majority of them they probably were bad.

Not a fan of making only negative tape if you won’t do it for the good.
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Nov 3, 2011
Louisville's receivers line up on offense, Miami's DB's line up to cover them...farewell and adieu to you fair Spanish ladies

Liberty City El

May 14, 2016
Now mind you, as you can see Blades gives up catches too, but that's just football. No CB could ever keep from giving up receptions, but the difference is you see Blades is always within range & doesn't allow a ton of YAC, he plays through the hands & forces PBU's even after the ball is in the WR's hands, he also wraps his man up & stops the play immediately. You can't ask for much better than that, because when he has an opportunity to make a play on the ball he does, he flips his hips & gets his head around in time, that's based on proper technique & good eye discipline reading the WR & timing when to break on the ball.

With Ivey, what you see is a corner who doesn't read the WR at all, he doesn't have a clue when the ball is in the air & even when he does he's completely trailing his man, he opens his hips & is already beat off the line, he gives up leverage routinely. When he gives up catches, it's almost always for a big gain.

What he does well is play near the line of scrimmage vs the Run, he's basically a Striker playing Corner.