best 2017 recruit

Smith could challenge for the FS spot with Jenkins graduating...has very good range, and good hands for a Safety.

But I like Gibson better though, reminds me of DB2.
boy i'am i going to roasted on this one....Derrick smith

Roasted only because you posted on the wrong board Rookie lol
cash is this like fermans board.....a board for every subject

No, there's different forums. I also suggest you try the WEZ
I go right to redtube i don't need to go to wez even as entertaining as it is thx

Wrong WEZ, it's short the west end zone....aka liberal paradise(not really)
given the needs of this team he isn't even top 5, **** he isn't even top safety. navaughn Donaldson is the most important recruit and dj Johnson may be the best , although dallas is right there.
Isn't smith a linebacker?

How's his speed because he didn't look all that fast and yes I saw the hilight
Donaldson. When you're an offensive lineman yet considered the best player in South Florida, you are a rare talent.
You look at his tape and you notice the extreme athleticism for his size. He will be an AA and high NFL draft pick.
No question it is Donaldson. Needed a Mauler and we got 1 of the best in country. Win up front. Need some more now.