Berrios All-Pro! Well done.

Braxton Berrythesehoes making All Pro and hanging out with Christian McCaffrey and the Culpo sisters. Livin’ it up!

****, that’s awesome for him! He was always sure-handed when he did handled those duties for us even though he was scrutinized for “fair-catching” a ton. I hope he keeps grinding…
Guy is a big play waiting to happen just like he was here. Jets should make him their featured WR and play him everywhere but that organization is ran by idiots.
Good for him. Guy always played hard. I had written him off after 3 forgettable seasons here but his senior season was noteworthy.

You know Belicheck is kicking himself for letting Berrios go
Following in Devin Hester's footsteps. I hope Hester called and congratulated him. Way to rep The U Braxton!