Bartow: Harley shuts down recruitment, sticks with WVU

Dude.... One of the Gayturds mentioned that Harley has tweeted some pro Gator stuff lately. I dont know what Harley tweeted but as one of these turds mentioned, they haven't even offered him yet. He's got to be trolling them for an offer and a jilt at the hat table... I get WVU but there's no way he picks UF over us. As I said before, that would make him dumber than Tre McShîtty picking F$U.
247's Ryan Bartow says three-star WR Mike Harley has shut down his recruitment and canceled his scheduled OVs to Miami & Florida.

Miss out on a another WR

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From stampini

Towards the end of the season, it appeared Miami was in the best position to flip Herbert. The Hurricanes were making him a priority and he seemed very open to the idea of staying close to home. In recent days the buzz has swung a bit. The confidence that Florida is actually the biggest threat to flip Herbert from the Wolverines is growing, and growing rapidly.
Next time, listen to the Living Legend. I told you cats it was far from a done deal even while Pete kept assuring you he was coming. If it was such a done deal then it would have been done already.

No way Harley was going to fvck Hologram like that and decommit on him on the last week of the cycle after they offered him and were good to him. He was stringing it along because he wasn't sure what he was going to do. He wasn't doing it to fvck Hologram over at the last minute.
Would like to see the actual article before putting forth my opinion. Could be similar to the clickbait on Edwards a little while back, but if true, I am not going to be very happy at all. That is a inexcusable miss by this staff.
It's alarming enough for a staff to miss on every premier WR target in their first full year when there is so much immediate playing time available.

It's outright pathetic when you can't land a three-star receiver from your own backyard in a battle against f***ing West Virginia. And the staff deserves 100% of the blame on this one when they initially prioritized both Rodney Scott & Kevaughn Dingle while dragging their feet on Harley, refusing to offer until November.

WR recruiting is laughably inept. Unacceptable.
We got too this party too late.

West Virginia is also offering his sister a full ride in a sport that does not typically garner a full ride.

They are getting good one.