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Bama and Texas A&M


Feb 13, 2013
Bama is ranked 38th, Texas A&M is ranked 47th. I doubt either will finish outside of the top 5. Both have 5 commits.

This Jaden Rashada recruitment has dawned something on me. People who know can tell me if am wrong or not.

Our fans are freaking out about players committing, theirs are not because they have been there done it. Initially in Rashada's recruiting, we were high favorites then he started his visits and we basically fell away no mention nationally, Gators got confident, they put a big number on the guy. But it seems to me, we had a number where we would go in or walk away based on what our recruiting board was saying. This visit seem like we were at a comfortable number. And now the Gators are fooked.

I'm gonna spread it to the entire recruiting board. It seems like for each position or recruit we have terms we are like ok we good with that number with x recruit, so if we know he leaning our way we send him to go visit if that's his thing then we can either match based on who the comp is, or based on if the alternative is a similar prospect but we can get them at a lower number.

Someone said it and it clicked and I seen we done it with Diaz and Golden. Some players want to go somewhere regardless but with those 2 coaches bunch of times we were in good position with players and they end up elsewhere. G5 level coaches. Now the same thing is happening with White Mike and Napier. While Mario chilling while our targets assess their options and we ready to step in when it's time. All while our fans are crying because we used to G5 recruiting. If im wrong someone tell me.