Auburn is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Bryan Harsin will either come off like a genius or an imbecile this season—his narrative that off-season chaos will "help" them in 2022, or allowing this corn-ball release to hit the wire, or to be spread all over social media.

Boise, Idaho native, former BSU quarterback, long-time coordinator for Broncos under Chris Petersen—seven years as head coach when Petersen left—dude's entire career has been big-fish-in-a-little-pond.

Not sure this faux-swag he's pushing is going to fly in the SEC—in a state where he's second-best and little brother in-state—where he went 6-7 in his inaugural season.

Much prefer Mario's approach of head down, focused, doing, losing the silly props and just rebuilding a winning tradition through the actual work—no fluff, no smoke, no mirrors.
Man, if we were to post every cornball slogan from us and every team across the land, the posts and comments would be the largest CIS thread ever.

Every school says some dumb crap. Lord knows we've seen it through the years. Every coach in the land has some slogan or motto yearly. It is what it is and most if not all will suck.
Could you imagine if our social media team did this? Or Texas? Or USC? That would be bad 😂😂
Probably the most disfuncional and toxic university when it comes to sports. If i was a coach, I'd never go there. What they did to Harsin was crazy and waaaaaay over the line, even if he is a douche.