Are we recruiting RB Amari Daniels?


Jan 27, 2017
#1 8th grade RB from Ft. Laduerdale Hurricanes.

He looks like the real deal.

He'll be another Carol City savage as long as he's kept away from STA.

I'm amazed at how you know about 8th grade football players.
Lol, he's pretty well known to be the next "Star" RB already...

If you keep up with South Florida football on the High School & 14U/13U level, then it's not that surprising.

Baez actually retweeted one of his highlights back in December... Just search his name on CIS, he's been talked about on here a bunch.
Did we offer him first?

If not. Move on. But only inside the area. Everyone else not worth our time.
MOAR kids names Amari!!!!

But seriously, we get rejected by ONE kid from Maryland and we now lookin at 8th graders?! lol
He'll be another Carol City savage as long as he's kept away from STA.

Goin to central last time i heard
He goes to Lake Stevens & some of his teammates on the Lauderdale Canes are being recruited to STA.

He belongs with Carol City, but if it has to be Central in order to keep him away from STA then I think it's a good thing lol.

Cent was recruitimg that boy heavy entire year was always on their sideline during games ill be shocked if he dont end up there
Last 8th grader I remember reading about here was Sony Michel. Can't deal with this.

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