Anyone famaliar with Eddie Joseph 2019 Immokalee 6-2 WR

That whole squad is loaded with 19 & 20 kids.

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Looks pretty good at already 6-2/168. I have heard he has not been playing ball all that long so lots of room for growth.

Interesting prospect. Any details on him like 40 or track times?

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Another player there who has been a speed burner for several years is Shedro Louis a WR/CB for 2018.

As a 10th grader this past season--.Has 2 more years of track running!!
100m--10.74 (national elite 10.80).....10.74 PR Apr 22 FHSAA 2A District 12
200m--21.76 (national elite 22.00).....21.76 PR Apr 5 Collier County Athletic Conference Champ

His junior films show the speed--
Shedro Louis - Hudl

He is faster than Harley at 100m who is older and far faster at 200m and about the same size as a junior now. Tougher and far more physical as he plays a solid CB. 100m also faster than Henderson. He makes a lot of big plays on both sides of the ball
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