Any chance Moten redshirts?


Sep 19, 2012
I posted that question in a Recruiting thread because there was a discussion about how many DTs we'll have next spring.

If Moten is the 5th DT, I can see it making sense for him to shirt next season.

Aside from injury, is there any reason for him to not redshirt?

Even if Norton and McIntosh stay, Moten still gives us more DT depth.

And if it's already been discussed, feel free to direct me to the thread. Lol

If Jenkins transfers then this is not even debatable but if somehow he's convinced to stay Moten can be the 5th DT and play some late in games or redshirt and be a likely starter in 2018.To me this is a no brainer and Moten and the team would benefit greatly from it.
100% chance won't happen. You need a minimum of 5 DT's at all times. DL get knicked up all the time and we send our DL in waves. Fresh DL shooting gaps and wearing the OL down.

That aside from the fact i couldn't name one player in the last 10 years who redshirted outside of their freshman year that wasn't due to injury.
this is a move I talked about on another board...BUT it probably can only be done if Jenkins sticks around. Fines supposedly to OL doesn't help this idea either.
H@ll no! And we rotate those guys like every few snaps. We're one injury away from needing him in the two deep.
In a perfect world Molten would redshirt and then be the guy in 2018 after Norton, McIntosh, Willis, Courtel all depart.