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Anthony Lucas 2022


Oct 27, 2014
High 4 star top 50 player nationally from Scottsdale, Arizona Chaparral high school. We just offered, his dad was a student at UM. 6’5 280 boron in Hati and just started playing football this year. He released a top ten but said we are now one of his “top schools”


Feb 21, 2021
He did not just start playing football this year. He had 20+ offers after his sophomore year. Him being Haitian is good connection to the city of Miami but he grew up in Arizona. That alone would does not cut it for us. His dad being an alum is only reason I bothered to type something out. We'll get an active listening ear from the family despite offering late. Now to my point...

Huge error by the whole football recruiting department. Manny hires Andy Vaughn as the director of player personnel. Vaughn has experience from Clemson, Nebraska, and Nevada. But he was recently head of recruiting at the University of Arizona. Why did Vaughn not knock on Manny's door to offer a national DT, playing hs in Arizona, whose father attended Miami?

It is his job to cull these small pieces of information that give Miami an advantage over the competition. Worst yet this happened in a state he was just at!

FSU offered him on April 21st 2020 smh.
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