***ACC Tournament Thread***


Retired staff
Oct 7, 2012
Very good regular season. Exceeded expectations in what some are calling the best conference in the history of college basketball. Now, on to the ACCT. Would be nice to win a game or two to improve confidence and seeding for the NCCAT.
Road games in the ACC are brutal.

Just be glad we got a few this year.

7-2 at home
3-6 on road in league

Just because we lost on the road at VT, and FSU doesn't really mean anything about the team.

Same team that won 4 in a row before that.

VT and FSU we're a combined 29-1 at home this year iirc.

No shame in losing to each this season.
Cuse is 2-9 away from home this year. That includes a loss against BC.

We need to build some momentum.
FSU is 18-0 at home this year. 20 in a row at home. VT is 15-2 (they lost today). That's 33-2.
Although the Orange are not so good away from their Home Dome, I'll give them a bit of an advantage at Barclay as Syracuse gets many of its students from the metro area and will get good attendance. Still think we win this one in a close game. Our guys aren't going to get much rest but it sure beats playing on the opening day. Keep an eye on Wake Forest. they could pull an upset.
Wake beat BC 92-78. Probably punched their ticket to the NCAAs. Might need one more win just be safe, but probably in. Clemson beat NC State 75-61 and Pitt beat GT 61-59.
GT is now out of the bubble discussions. Nice season for them though, they'll be NIT bound after many picked them to go 0-18 in the ACC.

Clemson is clinging onto bubble life support. It'd be interesting to see what happens to them if they beat Duke today.
Wake is a dangerous team because they put up a lot of points. They scored 90+ 8 times this season (including against us, and we haven't given up 80+ to anybody else).
We NEED to beat Cuse today. I cannot stand living 30 minutes from Syracuse and being surrounding by these babbling bafoons.