A Turrible Thought . . .


Sep 23, 2013

You just claimed we can sign 4 more after Nesta and Bethel. Then the new Jax DT commit puts us at only 3 ships left. So you're saying we have 3 spots left for Coburn, Campbell, Surtain, Ojomo, Chatman, Ezzard and Chatfield. You're claiming 25 spots is it. Richt himself said 27 and he wants a few spots open.

We have spots for all of them. 30 in 2018 are possible with the EE's. It's possible I could be off by 1 because it was unclear about when one EE actually enrolled in 2015. There's 29 if I counted the one incorrectly. I went off of 247 site info to do the calc. 29 would be enough to cover all of those guys we are heavily recruiting. If we had more EE's back in 16 and 15 we could've signed up to 34. We don't have to worry about the 85 number at all. I don't have the time to do it all over again. It's posted in a thread on here somewhere. If you have a spreadsheet, I'll gladly discuss.


Nov 4, 2011
We just have a handful of remaining scholarships. Fact.

What if - IF - we discover one morning that Ezzard signs, Coburn signs, Ojomo signs, Chatman signs, Nesta signs, Chatfield signs, and Surtain signs?

Don't believe that for a moment - but . . . what if?
Funny that you don't even include TC on that list............one of the guys people felt most confident about only weeks ago.

It was an inadvertent mistake, I assure you - and that particular 'miss' was not a suggestion.