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A little different perspective on recruiting


O.G. Original Grassy
Nov 3, 2011
Having followed this annual gig since the Eye of the Hurricanes days...when Mike Bakas was riding his bicycle to practices.....while I would prefer a class with a lot of stars (yeah I know all you guys know more than the people who actually evaluate talent for a living), I found that the most important thing IMHO to do in each class is address your weaknesses......no one plus every single hole......take a look at Alabama's QB recruiting the last few years (although one may argue that Kirby Freeman could start there and win an NC)........but better long term results are gained from addressing your weaknesses than stockpiling stars where you have depth already......and likewise, what type of players are you likely to get next year. For example, if Nebraska only picks up two OL's this year.....no problem, they grow them like corm out there.

If you accept this premise, I think you have to be pretty optimistic on this class.

Our weakest spot was OL without question.....how'd we do?

We needed immediate help in the secondary and we flipped a Bama commit JUCO who can step right in next year.

True we were looking to get one or both of the DB's who went to Fla. today but has getting DB's been an issue here?....we have 4 verbal DB's for next year......yeah its a year away but do you have doubts we can pull what we need in the secondary? IIRC we signed 4 dbs this class as well. I think we'll be fine in the secondary.

McFarland made us look foolish.......I didn't watch the actual airport video deal, but obviously the kid had this planned.......shame on him for tagging us along so we kept a scholly open for him.....and shame on us for not picking up on the scam............obviously RB is thin.......but looks like our top recruit next year is this Lingard (sp?) kid.....and again, So. Fla. produces RB's..........we should stay at home to get them......sure go to the midwest to get the OL's.....plenty of RB's right at home.

So FWIW, that's an old man's perspective who's been following this nonsense since before the internet. We did fine today.


Mar 2, 2014
They hit all needs . A top 10 class and you don't land the kids you need to fix issues means nothing.