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A few scrimmage nuggets


All-ACC (#1 most reproted porster on CIS)
Feb 7, 2013
The concept of "Portal Guys" should include grad transfers, because they count against IC numbers too. Grad Transfers have to submit their names into the Portal too, under the current rules.

If you're trying to say "guys who play 2 or more years elsewhere", that is fine. I just think everything is relative. A certain CB that we got from UGa may be a "Portal Guy" and only play 1 year, where some Grad Transfers who graduated in less than 4 years may have 2 years to play.

If you're trying to say "Portal" as in "only the last couple of years since the Portal was created", then, yes, all the other names that we discussed are "pre-Portal".

EDIT: I saw where you clarified in later posts, sorry for any misunderstanding.
Grad transfers count against the IC? They have their degrees?


Feb 4, 2013
Came in from Texas and probably one of the fastest running backs we ever signed. Had a 10.3 or 10.4 100 meter time. Small build, about what you'd expect for a guy running track at that speed and playing football.
I don’t remember which game I think BC, Shawnbrey broke a 40+ TD TD run and I thought wow we are back 😂😂😂