6-3 Flanagan WR transfers to Chaminade Prep

Chaminade loading up. Got two players from AMHS as well

Amazing the ups and down that program has had over the years. Guandolo had them built into a powerhouse, he leaves and the program becomes trash. They bring in that guy from Ohio to coach and the program is back with stars like Randall leading the way, the OH guy leaves and the program is back to trash. Milgrom takes over and the program is back, he leaves and now the hallandale HC seems to have kept the program moving
because the program is solely based on RECRUITING. They literally have no football players in there area and have to recruit kids in....because they are smack dab in the middle of Mcarthur/Hallandale/ South Broward area as far as kids go. So i tbasically goes with however their administration feels about bringing in "guys" or the amount they can bring in.

They keep getting these wr's and other skills but i dont think they have a qb. But their wr core will be legit..shivers is legit.