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Around this time of the year, I always like to take a peek at the longest home win streaks in CFB to see who are the closest current threats, and enjoy those who fell off after a good run.

The current longest home win streak is currently owned by the Clemson Work Release facility for kids who can't read good at 33. While they lost three times this season, they've all been away from the House of 1000 dip tins. Note: they host Wake Forest this week, but have a soft home schedule in 2022. They do host ND in 2023 and LSU in 2025 (someone do the math but I am back of a napkin sure this would be the last chance for it to end if it's still going) though. Now I have a fun little interest in this Wake game. Go Demons! I mean... Deacons! Sorry, reverend.

Entering the season, Satan's favorite team (no, not Saban, I mean literally Satan), Notre Damned, had a 24 game home win streak. That was ended at 27 by the Fighting Luke Pickles. All hail, the non-power 5 Bearcats for doing us a solid!

After ND, O$U* had a 23 game win streak coming out of fall camp. Viva to the Fighting Cafe con Leche's, the Oregon Ducks, for putting them on their ass. Thanks Oregon! Now give us your f'ing coach. k thx bye.

The current #2 in the clubhouse heading into the weekend is the aforementioned Fighting Luke Pickles at 27 and running. I'll take them staying alive to piss on Notre Dame's altar, though. You have to think Fickell won't stay there long enough and they will fall off regardless. Their toughest Non-conf games are USUALLY away which doesn't help. That said, the marauding John Cougar Mellencamps of Bloomington visit the Queen City next year. Not keeping my hopes up there after their letdown this year, but so far it's the one to watch. As of now Cincy's toughest home game on the horizon is against PITT... in 2024. Well, ok.

Memphis was #5 heading into the season. Rowdy the Roadrunner and the Fighting Ghost of Larry Coker's ended that.

Mario Christobal, savior to all, has Oregon crackin' at a current 18 game home win streak. Unless they screw the pooch in the Civil War in 9 days against the Fighting Joe Rogan's are My Doctors from Pullman, they look to extend their streak through next year with a Charmin Soft 2022 home schedule, unless the Running Joe Smiths of BYU can catch them napping somehow. But that's directly related to how much the take is at Church the week before. We will see.

So in summary... Clemson and Cincy are the only ones worth watching, maybe Oregon for sport.

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Nov 7, 2011
Alabama streak was 57, we beat it by one. With Alabama they played Auburn at a neutral site (like the gator and Ga) and even though those were losing home games they were not at Bryant/Denny. Also we beat a lot of ranked teams in our streak including our Orange Bowl New Years wins.

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Nov 11, 2019
Stoops was my #2 earlier in the year when the season took a nosedive but he’s in that tier 2 for me after Lane and Mario.

He’s a respectable, hard nosed type that would bring stability but I question his ceiling and if the type of players we get will fit in his schemes. Would he adapt? Could he improve recruiting?