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4-star DE Jones Jr. takes advice from Phillips, undecided on Miami OV

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Stefan Adams

Managing Editor
Feb 9, 2018
As one of the Miami Hurricanes' top targets on the recruiting trail, 2022 American Heritage (FL) 4-star DE Marvin Jones Jr. made an appearance at UM’s premier recruiting event of the cycle, Paradise Camp, two weekends back. On a day where most of the established prospects in attendance sat out of the actual event and just came for the visit experience, Jones did in fact step on the field for individual drills before bowing out of the competitive portion of the camp.

“I haven’t been back to Miami in a minute, so I just thought it would be fun to play a bit,” Jones said of Paradise. “Paradise is always a fun event, so I thought I may as well go out there and suit up.”

Miami DL coach Jess Simpson has been coming after Jones hard since he was rehired in January and Jones enjoyed working with Simpson at Paradise.

“I know coach Jess well, and my trainer also talks highly of him,” Jones said of Simpson. “I know he’s put a lot of guys in the NFL, so I know he knows what he’s doing. A lot of stuff that he talks about I see translating to the NFL, so it’s definitely something I look at.”

Plenty of former Hurricane stars and NFL legends returned to campus during Paradise to help coach and give motivational talks to the young prospects. Does Jones see his game as being similar to any of those greats?

“I would hope I have a little bit of Jaelan (Phillips) in me,” Jones said.

In fact, Jones was able to get a chance to pick the brain of Phillips, who is about to start his rookie season as a first-round pick of the Miami Dolphins.

“Me and Jaelan spoke a little bit. He was letting me know I have to work hard no matter what - no matter how good you are or how highly ranked you are, you always got to work,” Jones said.

Jones has certainly heard from the UM staff about Miami’s recent success at putting defensive linemen into the early days of the NFL Draft, but the 6’4” 245-pound prospect says that Simpson’s pitch to him usually goes deeper than that.

“Of course they will talk about that, but coach Jess, he doesn’t always push that,” Jones said of Miami’s recent DL success. “He lets me know how he wants to develop me, not just always talking about those other guys.”

Since the dead period ended on June 1st, Jones has now been able to make trips to all of the Big 3 Florida schools, but stopped short when asked if any of those visits stood out over the others.

“I can’t really say right now, I haven’t taken all my visits yet,” Jones said. “After that happens, I’ll be able to let you know.”

As for his official visit schedule, Jones has Ohio State (Sept. 11), Oklahoma (Sept. 25), Alabama (Nov. 6), and Florida State (Nov. 13) set for this fall, although he is currently undecided on if the Hurricanes will receive his 5th and final OV ahead of his current plan to make his pick on early NSD in December.

“I don’t know yet, we’ll see,” Jones said of a potential Miami official.

As a junior in 2020, Jones posted 55 tackles, 14 TFL, 13 sacks, 1 FF, and a fumble recovery for a TD in a season that culminated in a state title for the Patriots. Although that success both individually and as a team would be difficult for most to improve on, Jones says he’s not worried about the follow-up effort that’s coming this fall during his senior year.

“We’re going to tear it up, get another state ring.”

*Interview conducted by Matt Suero.



Jan 9, 2019
banana hml404 GIF by truTV’s Hack My Life


Jul 19, 2016
Yes he's gonna do his due diligence and if we're sitting pretty by say October then he'll be a cane.. not worried about the holes.. this kid will play them for Bama ohio Oklahoma first foremost.. and us to if we string together 2 good season to go with last season.. 🙌🏾®️💯 everybody always in wait and see approach with us which is cool.. the whole board said we need to dominate on field atleast 2 seasons thoughts????


Section 102
Dec 30, 2015
I gave us no chance before he showed up and worked out at paradise. I have to assume he’s at least mildly interested. He had no obligation to do anything at paradise besides chill and get some free food but the fact that he strapped up and ran some drills shows me something. I’d say our chances went from <5% to maybe 25%


Jan 23, 2015
Jones leaves you with praising Miami pushing all the right buttons Miami wants to hear (tease) on how great staff and NFL players are , pure Nole enjoying free lunches and travel.

Red flag on character when he backed out of competition at camp.

Unreal talent but the head to run it all still childish

Then leaves with non commitment OV .

Nole then portal