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2023 WR/TE Moore discusses UM, potential reclassification to 2022

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Stefan Adams

Managing Editor
Feb 9, 2018
2023 Booker T. Washington (FL) WR/TE Adam Moore made his presence felt in more ways than one at the Miami Immortals 7v7 tryouts last weekend. After making highlight plays as a pass catcher earlier in the day, Moore, known as “Man Man” to family and friends, won the “Long Toss” competition by launching a 68-yarder to win the contest even over the actual QB’s at the tryout to really drive home his nickname.

“My uncle’s name is ‘Man’, so I think my parents put two and two together and started calling me ‘Man Man’ when I was little,” Moore said. “Ever since then, I’ve been rocking with that.”

While Moore was setting up to be one of the top local prospects in the 2023 class, the Tornadoes star has actually been working behind the scenes to reclassify to the 2022 class and become a senior this upcoming year, something he said is progressing well.

“It’s going good so far,” Moore said of his potential reclassification. “It’s looking like I’ll be able to do it, everything is in order as of now. Wherever I go, I’ll just be able to get to work sooner at the next level, so I think it will be a great thing for me.”

The local Miami Hurricanes are one of those potential landing places, as the 6-2 200 pound prospect earned an offer from UM last spring.

“I’ve been looking at some stuff with them, like other players at my position on the team and comparing,” Moore said of Miami. “I have love for them, they’re the home team. I’ve got to show at least some love.”

Moore was also excited by the Hurricanes debuting a new spread offense during Rhett Lashlee’s first season as offensive coordinator in 2020.

“I liked their style of offense they had this last year, the spread fits me,” Moore said. “If I were to stay home, I love the weather here, I’m just used to it.”

In terms of other schools involved for Moore, he points to FSU and WVU (both offered) as two programs that keep in touch frequently with his coaches. Moore also has Power 5 bids from Penn State, South Carolina, Indiana, and Syracuse.

“I got my first offer in my 8th grade year from UCF, it was my first day in pads,” Moore said. “My most recent two offers were from South Carolina and USF at the end of this year. Probably in the summer I’ll know where I want to go.”

What will be a big factor for Moore when choosing a school?

“The main thing I’m going to be looking at is if the offense fits me,” Moore said. “Like the spread offense, I think I fit into that pretty good.”

As a sophomore in 2020, Moore was part of a Booker T. Washington team that recorded a disappointing 3-4 season, and he is looking for a better performance from both himself and the team in 2021.

“I feel like I played average. I don’t feel like I did all I could, I know I could’ve done more. I pulled my hamstring muscle so things didn’t go as planned. That’s what is going to make next season even better.”



Mar 1, 2012
I don’t think we will recruit this dude like that. 6’2 200 is light in the @ss even though he young.. film is underwhelming


Sep 25, 2017
I don't understand why some kids are so quick to try and speed up life. Sure, maybe their situation sucks and going off to college will be a great thing. Still, enjoy those young years, stuff gets serious real quick when you get to college and beyond.
Mar 15, 2013
If a WR isn't a natural beast, then speed speed and more speed. Speed should be the preference for even offering. Kids should know there is no Miami offer if you aren't a burner or Beast.