2023 2023 Class Top Targets - Offense


Feb 14, 2012
QB: Grade - B-
  1. Emory Williams COMMIT
Misses - Jaden Rashada (UF)

Analysis: Sucks to miss on Rashada who has high upside, but with TVD coming back, it gives us another year to continue to build the QB room

RB: Grade - A
  1. Mark Fletcher COMMIT
  2. Cristopher Johnson COMMIT
Misses - Cedric Baxter (TEX), Richard Young (Bama)

Analysis: Missed on a potential program changer in Baxter, but landed the top 2 backs in SoFla. Great class, and our RB room for 2023 is loaded

WR: Grade - C
  1. Robby Washington COMMIT
  2. Nathaniel "Ray Ray" Joseph COMMIT
  3. Transfer Portal
  4. Transfer Portal
Misses - Brandon Innis (OSU), Hykeem Williams (FSU), Andy Jean (UF), Micah Mays (WF), Jalen Brown (LSU)

Analysis: Too many misses on Outside receivers. Not a surprise that this positions recruiting was a mess given who the WR coach was (Gattass). Need to show him the door ASAP. Ray Ray and Robby are two studs but we really need outside receivers. Hopefully we can clean things up and bring in two portal WRs by Spring.

TE: Grade - A
  1. Riley Williams COMMIT
  2. Jackson Carver COMMIT
  3. Cameron McCormick COMMIT - Portal
Misses: Reid Mikeska (USCe)

Analysis: Landed two stud TEs. Missed on a 3rd, but we have a ton of depth already at TE. Great class

OL: Grade - A+
  1. Samson Okunlola COMMIT
  2. Francis Mauigoa COMMIT
  3. Matt Lee COMMIT - Portal
  4. Javion Cohen COMMIT - Portal
  5. Tommy Kinsler COMMIT
  6. Antonio Tripp COMMIT
  7. Frankie Tinilau COMMIT
Misses: Connor Lew (AUB)

Analysis: Not much to say. Mario and Mirabal killed it. Landed top targets, totally flipping the OL room
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Loaded WR class in SoFla. IMO Jalen Brown or Robby Washington (I put him on the defensive board) should get a look at DB but who knows if they'd want to

Top two targets at RB are clear, good shot with both

Tons of OL and TE offers out already, curious to see who we target in on

Same thing at QB, who will be our #1 guy we go after
Mario has said Williams is #1 on the board, and I don’t blame him

His potential is crazy high
He probably tells multiple people they are #1 priority to make them feel all warm and fuzzy. I wouldn't buy into that too much
3/23 - Updated OP

Mario building a recruiting board is truly a master piece. Look at how many guys have visited and are interested. He's got a Plan C for the Plan C. Truly remarkable and impressive to see. Things are changing folks

QB - Seems as if Jaden Rashada and Dante Moore are our top targets with Stokes & Howard as Plan Bs

RB - Going after the 2 top backs in the state, Young & Baxter with Fletcher and Robinson as other options as well

WR - Brown, Innis, Williams, seem like top targets. Not sure where we stand after that. I have Robby Washington listed as an ATH/S. IMO Andy Jean was a big loss. Looks like Amari Cooper 2.0. Sounds like Lamar Seymour is a take too. And theres Nathaniel Joseph, Tyler Williams, Williams Fowles

TE - Board still in the works. Dylan Wade looks like an interesting new name

OL - Payton Kirkland, massive, looks like a 5 Star to me. Would love to land him. Tripp, great commit. Mario and Maribel = no worries at OL
I’d take Robby Washington over Nathaniel Joseph. Andy Jean, Jalen Brown, Robby Washington, and Hakeem Williams would be a serious haul for me.

Ahmad Haston is my frat brother’s son. That boy has grown up to be a star. Dad played DE/OLB at UF in the early 90s.
Robby Washington
Hakeem Williams
Andy Jean
Nathaniel "Ray Ray" Joseph
Jalen Brown
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How many O-lineman are we going to take? Is a guy like Tinilau's spot in jeopardy if a plethora of our targets (say Alinen, Francis, Kirkland, etc.) decide they want in?
Expect large numbers taken along both sides of the line. With the class caps lifted, we only need to get stay at 85 team cap. We will figure that out and take as any studs as we need to reshape the roster. Anyone not improving this season is on the hot seat.
Added Jackson Carver as a Commit

Staff getting a ton of their top Offensive targets on campus. Chris Johnson seems like a good fit to be the #2 RB in the class to hopefully pair with Baxter. A WR class of Washington, Joseph, Brown, Jean, and then a big body WR (Hykeem, Fowles, or Young) would be A+ and seems likely. Feels like we lead for Joseph, Brown and Jean at the moment

TE we are after some athletic beasts (Carver + Mikeska or Riley Williams). And OL is full of targets - Kirkland, Mauioga, and Alinen being the big fish

Starting to shape up
Added Ray Ray, Rashada, and Riley Williams

Offensive staff is killing it. TE group is A+, so is QB. If we can land Francis, Kinsler, and Samson, watch out
Lol..who said Kirkland is a 5 star..kid is not even a take..always love the look backs.
Updated OP - 11/15

Big fish still remaining on the board (Samson, and trying to flip Innis, Fletcher, Mays, Baxter, etc.). Not sure if we are still recruiting Hykeem Williams or Andy Jean

Sounds like Seven Mcgee could be a transfer option if we don't land Chris Johnson or even if we do.

The loss of Rashada hurts, hopefully we can land a decent Transfer QB