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X's and O's 2022 Women's UM Football Clinic


Nov 27, 2011
It’s a different world mane. Coaches all talked to kids of my generation like that. We understood it as part of the game. It came with the territory. My mom made us play football for the discipline, and to be under the direction of men…. and yes in those days that included coaches routinely cussing at kids and sometimes putting hands (grabbing NOT BEATING, but instructing and discipline) on kids for screwing shyt up. It’s the way I was raised in this game. That being said, I know (as a coach in 2022) I can’t do that stuff. Definitely not gonna touch a kid. ML ain’t been too long stepped off of a NFL field. I’m pretty sure he’s used to hearing coaches cuss all the time. He probably was coached like that from elementary thru the NFL. He was looking for men to explain himself. More than likely, a man (especially one that played) would understand his angle. Them wimmen folk weren’t trying to hear that shyt, lol. Can’t do that in ‘22 without some repercussions.