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2022 season outlook

FL Cane

Aug 26, 2018
There’s no reason we shouldn’t go 10-2. I think we can also go 1-1 vs. Clemson & A&M. Clemson and A&M will be the only two games that we’re not favored in.

Having an elite QB changes the outlook, big time. If we had an unknown at QB, I’d say this is an 8-4/9-3 team. With a Top Ten pick under center, this team will compete. Start off 3-0, somehow, and we’ll have the best season we’ve had since 2003.


Jan 30, 2012
10-2 +/- 1 game. We go 1-2 against A&M, Clemson and UNC. Or we go 2-1 and some less talented team shocks us. I do not see us losing more than 3 games.

Talent: Our talent is 2nd only to Clemson, with UNC being roughly our equal. I verified that based on 247 composite team class rankings from 2018 to 2022. If you're looking at talent alone, we are a 1-2 loss team, 2-3 including A&M. No one else is really even close, which is why I think these are the only real threats to Miami given we finally have a top-flight coaching staff.

Coaching: Mario's staff is far and away better than any in the ACC. You could argue Clemson is an unknown because Dabo promoted from within. But that almost never ends well. Mack Brown has always been a better program manager than developmental coach, much less game day coach. Same with Jimbo. Respectfully, I don't see anyone on their staffs that rival Steele, Strong and Gattis.

QB: UNC and A&M are replacing their starting QBs. They have talent but no one proven. Clemson may or may not be starting a new QB by the time we play. But if they go with Uiagalelei, he is nowhere near as complete a QB as TVD. And if they go with the alternative, they're starting a true freshman.

Schedule: A&M has a couple powder-puffs like us before we play them. They will have a massive homefield advantage. Only positive for us is that means their new QB will still be untested and hopefully tosses up a few picks as a result. ... UNC has to play Notre Dame and Va Tech in consecutive games prior to playing us at home at Hard Rock Stadium. We have a bye. Huge advantage to Miami. I expect us to win that game. ... Clemson plays Notre Dame and Louisville before facing us, we play FSU then Ga Tech. Neither has a bye. We should be fresher than them. But an away game in Death Valley means they have a big advantage.

We've lost to lesser teams in past years. Pitt (new QB) Va Tech (new HC with no prior HC experience), Virginia (new head coach with no prior HC experience) could surprise us. But I would be hugely disappointed if so. It would be a coaching failure on Miami's part, IMHO. And we should never lose to Duke or Ga Tech again.