2022 NFL Playoff Thread

Not gonna lie mahomes got a bit of manny in him today
Lets Go Thumbs Up GIF by ESPN
Well then. Shocked.

Bengals just did not quit when I thought the game was signed, sealed, delivered.
They showed so much heart and resiliency and the Defense came up huge. Good adjustments in the second half.

Team of destiny as they say. Winning on the road. And also coming back against the Chiefs not once but twice from huge deficits.
Impressive to say the least.
Wow. Huge Browns fan here, but glad to see a fellow Ohio team make it. The team least likely to win the AFC North at the beginning of the year, makes the god**** Super Bowl
Congrats to the Bengals. Wouldn't mind seeing round three of the Bengals/49ers but we'll see.
Love me some Joe Burrow. Cincy +262 ML had me nervous that entire first half, but ultimately made for a great Sunday