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2022 4-star DE Thomas high on both UM and FSU

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Stefan Adams

Managing Editor
Feb 9, 2018
2022 Deerfield Beach (FL) 4-star DE Richard Thomas earned an offer from the Miami Hurricanes this past December, which was something he says he’s been waiting for.

“It felt great actually, it was a blessing that I got the offer,” Thomas said. “Also growing up, as a little kid, I’d watch Miami and Florida State go at it every year with my dad. We used to enjoy watching that. And then when I got the offer, I was very happy, me and my dad were so excited to have it.”

Both the Hurricanes and the Seminoles seem to have the early inside track with Thomas, who says both in-state programs are high in his mind; FSU has already offered as well).

“They will both be in my top 10, which will come out soon,” Thomas said.

The 6-2 240 pound prospect made only two stops this spring in terms of visits, as Thomas was able to see both Coral Gables and Tallahassee before campuses shut down across the country in mid-March.

Miami: “I was there for Junior Day (in late January),” Thomas said of UM. “I liked everything actually. We watched film in the film room with the defense, learned some new things, then the defensive line coach was teaching us some techniques. After that, we just all came back together and I got to meet a lot of other coaches and recruits.”

FSU: “I visited Florida State (in early March) with some of my teammates,” Thomas said. “When I visited there, it was really nice. The coaches were like family, the atmosphere was really great. They had me taking pictures there and made me feel like a Seminole.”

Since landing his UM offer, Thomas has begun building a relationship with the Miami coaching staff, and also says he keeps in touch with a former teammate from American Heritage that’s a current Hurricane D-Lineman; Thomas recently transferred over the offseason to Deerfield Beach.

“I’ve talked to both Mike Rumph and Manny Diaz,” Thomas said. “Coach Rumph was telling me about the defense and how the defensive line coach is a really good coach. One of the players I know, Nesta Silvera, he’s a great athlete and he’s been working with the D-Line coach and has gotten better. He will teach me a lot of things as well.”

In addition to the connections he’s made around the program, Thomas feels a strong pull to the local Hurricanes both on and off the field.

“Playing for the University of Miami is a dream, and also it’s nearby home,” Thomas said. “Plus, not only that, academically, they have the academic program that I really want to participate in, which is architecture design and engineering.”

Aside from Miami and FSU, Thomas mentioned LSU and Auburn (both offered) as two schools that are standing out and making him feel wanted. The Deerfield star also says that Clemson has recently gotten in touch as well.

“The recruiting process is really good right now,” Thomas said. “Due to the pandemic, less schools have been able to talk with me, but it’s going well and I’m going to visit more schools after the pandemic. Hopefully soon I’ll put out my top 10 and then I’ll go from there. I’ll say by the end of my junior school year going into senior year I’ll have a decision.”

In terms of factors that will stand out to him when he’s ready to make a decision, Thomas has an idea of what he’s going to be looking for in a program.

“What I’m going to be looking for is a school that I can play early at, a defense I can dominate in, and a great coaching staff,” Thomas said.

As a sophomore in 2019, Thomas put up a strong line of 77 tackles, 14 TFL, 7 sacks, 2 FF, 1 FR, and a TD, and he is seeking to up his game another level in his first year at Deerfield Beach in 2020.

“I’m looking forward to doing better than I did last year, having better stats than I did last year, and just having a great year,” Thomas said. “I’m all about speed, technique and strength when I’m on the field. I like to be a very aggressive defensive lineman as well.”



Aug 27, 2016

Coach Macho

aka Beardy Ryan
Oct 11, 2012
@Coach Macho , Beardy Ryan likey?

Phenomenal kid. Super quiet and polite. Hard worker. Great parents.
Tracked me down to introduce himself when he first got to Deerfield.

My buddy coaches DL at American Heritage and I always trust his opinion. He said Thomas is his favorite player of all-time. (that he's coached)

Obviously due to current circumstances I have yet to get my hands on him but he certainly looks the part. He's a big lean kid. I envision him leaving high school around 6'3" 265lbs...somewhere around there.


Jun 3, 2012
Boom!!! Ben thinking this is where he would be the most dominant. The way he uses his hands is better than some dudes who actually play the position.

that’s right, I AM thinking this is where he would be the most dominant. How did you know my thoughts???


Nov 20, 2019
Yall want Macho to deliver?
Imma need a 20 piece lemon pepper from Wingstop... or Triple Threat from Bru's Room.
Large sweet tea, extra ice.



Section 102
Dec 30, 2015
Kid looks like he might grow into a DT by the time he's stepping on a college campus.