2020 Vangard OL Miller Lewis talks Canes


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Sep 5, 2014
Last Saturday, Nike held their annual Opening Regional combine in Miami. Although the event is mostly for Juniors and Seniors, there were a few elite underclassmen who were invited to the event — 2020 Vanguard OL Miller Lewis was one of them.

“It’s a real honor honestly,” Miller said. “I’m one of the only freshman out here at this event and were going up against big time upperclassmen and stuff.”

Before making his way down to the Nike Opening Regional, Miller and his teammate 2020 WR Leonard Manuel stopped by Coral Gables to visit the University of Miami.

“I felt at home,” Lewis said. “They took us to the Miami versus Duke game and it was great. They drove us around the school, we took pictures with coach Mark Richt, and it was a great day overall.”

“It was the first time I visited any college actually,” Lewis said. “Since Miami was my favorite college growing up, it was truly an honor because I always loved Miami growing up.”

Being in the class of 2020, Lewis cannot have much contact with college coaches off campus, but he’s already developing a good relationship with Miami OL coach Stacy Searels and Head Coach Mark Richt thanks to his visit last week.

“Having a conversation with them made me feel like I was enrolling into the school right now,” Lewis said. “Coach Searels and Coach Richt are very nice coaches, we were just talking for a while and at the game. Leonard and I were paying attention to everything he was saying.”

One of Miller’s teammates is 2017 Miami signee N'Kosi Perry. Although some would assume that Perry would push Miller and Manuel to Miami, Lewis said. that’s not the case.

“Not really,” Lewis said. “He said it’s wherever we want to go to school. We still have three years left of high school left.”

Miami is one of the schools at the top right now for the 6’3", 314-pound freshman, but what other schools are recruiting him hard?

Miami, Louisville, Florida, North Carolina

Another program after him is the Florida Gators.

“It’s great being recruited by them,” Miller said. “I went to there 7v7 camp when they had the big man challenge, and I got put with the Juniors and Seniors so it was a real honor.”
"6'3" 314-pound freshman"


Exactly what I thought. I was 5'3" 125 as a freshman lol. 6'3" 230 now but wow I can't imagine being that size at 14 years old. Probably wouldn't have been picked on as much I'm guessing.
The interest from top players in central and north Florida is just too easy with Richt as the HC....

The recruiting seasons are going to be fun under him....
"6'3" 314-pound freshman"