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Oct 12, 2011
The top 3 WR's in the 2019 class are all out of GA.

Any word if Dugans or Richt are going after these guys hard? You would think Richt would be able to full guys like this from GA.

Jeshawn Sheffield, Jadon Haselwood and Dominick Blaylock.
I'm pretty sure Sheffield has an offer. [MENTION=14457]Liberty City El[/MENTION] do you know?
We already offered Jashawn Sheffield, he's the #1 ranked player for 2019 overall...

Coach Richt & Dugans visited his school & talked to him back on 11/29 when the Coaches were traveling.

He's an Elite 5-star prospect, all the top schools will be after him, so he would be an incredibly difficult pull from SEC country.
They visited Sheffield a couple times including this week. I know his coach post on the noles 247 board
I'm pretty sure Sheffield has an offer. @Liberty City El do you know?

He is right down the road from DJ Dallas, so he better have an offer.
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Before Miami HC Mark Richt and TE Coach Todd Hartley meet with the Ambassador of the 2017 class DeeJay Dallas tonight, they stopped by Frederica Academy to visit 2019 wide receiver Jashawn Sheffield.

"Mark Richt and Coach Hartley stopped by my school today," said Sheffield. "It means a lot that they stopped by because they're the first school to stop by."

Sheffield is one of the most sought after recruits in the class of 2019 with schools like Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia after him, but the Hurricanes have caught his attention.

"I would say Clemson and Ohio State are recruiting me the hardest right now, but you can throw Miami into the mix now," said Sheffield. "I like the coaches at Miami -- Coach Richt, Coach Hartley and Coach Dugans -- I can see myself at Miami."

The Georgia native has never visited the Hurricanes, but it has crossed his mind before.

"I was going to visit last year with DeeJay, but something happened with the ride situation and I couldn't make it down. I really want to check it out -- Mark Richt was telling me today that he's ready for me to visit Paradise."

Here's Jahshawn's highlights
Sophomore Season - Jashawn Sheffield highlights - Hudl

We are on Sheffield for sure.
Devonta Lee has had an offer for awhile.

Sheffield has Clemson and FSU in the lead at the moment....
Another out of state 2019 WR we should be on is Devonta Lee from Amite Louisiana...

Obviously, he's a LSU lock, but he's a great player already even as a Sophomore & will be ranked among the top 5 for the 19 class.

Locally, my favorite WR in 2019 is John Dunmore from Gibbons (transferred from Ft Lauderdale)...

He was at Paradise last year & is already a very good route runner, understands the idea of stemming & stackin his routes & at 6'3 has great leaping ability to high point the ball.

There's others like Kalani Norris, Frank Ladson from Killian & Breion Fuller from Doral (Pete's post earlier today from the 7on7 has more on him).

Also, my boy Vic Thompson from MNW will be a baller once he adds more weight.

I think we all need to realize that just because a kid is regarded a the No. 1 WR or anything does not make it so. There are a plenty like WR throughout the nation. The top 10 WR's per say are all along the same capabilities. The key is having the right combination of speed, big, possession and the always in the right place make the tough catch WR.
2019 is a big year for Georgia talent. Those guys are the top receivers but Owen Pappoe, Keiondre Jones and Warren McClendon are other names to watch. Pappoe might be the best of the bunch.