2019 CB Chris Steele talks about STA game and recruiting

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Sep 5, 2014
Ft Lauderdale - One of the most highly anticipated games of the high school season took place last night as the #4 St. John Bosco (CA) took on #5 St. Thomas Aquinas. After the game, I caught up with the #2 ranked corner in the country for 2019 Chris Steele to talk about the game and more

It was really different honestly,” Steele said, “I wouldn’t say it something we are not used to because a lot of games in California are still big time games, but the weather was different.”

“They do talk a lot more than California kids (STA/South Florida kids) but I think defensively we handled it really good, we didn’t really have any problems with that.”

Bosco entered the preseason as the #4 team in the country and while the offense is loaded with tons of playmakers, it’s their defense that leads the charge for the Braves

“I feel like I would put my guys over anyone honestly,” Steele said, “ I feel like we have the best secondary in the country and the best defensive line in the country and I feel like we proved that today and we are going to continue to prove that as the season moves on.”

Steele is one of the most sought after kids in the country with offers from 20+ schools and while it's early in his recruiting process, there are a couple of schools that are making him a priority.

“USC, Michigan and Alabama,” Steele said, “those are the three schools I talk to the most, then you have Notre Dame and I talk to Coach Corey Bell at Florida at lot.”

“The University of Miami, FSU and Ohio St are the many schools that I’m interested in that haven’t offered me.”

St. John Bosco was scheduled to visit Miami on Thursday before their big match with St. Thomas Aquinas on Friday, but due to some schedule delay’s Bosco was not able to visit TheU

“It sucks honestly because we all really wanted to visit Miami and especially for myself because the Miami staff said that they were close to offering me but I would have to visit the campus first, so that sucks honestly, but hopefully today I proved to them that I am worth a scholarship.”

“I am definitely interested in visiting the University of Miami.”
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Feb 7, 2013
Good info about a player from another part of the country that I wasn't aware of, but had I not known the STA roster, it was mighty hard to tell what school the kid played for. Would have been hard for the casual follower.

Not trying to be overly nitpicky, but nowhere does it actually say he's from Bosco.


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May 4, 2017
As a guy from East Coast who now lives in Cali, trash talking is just not a thing out here in Cali. People get in their feelings way too quick.