2018 WR Roy Livingstone

Peter Ariz

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Jun 12, 2012
I can't say that I have measurables or a 40-time, but all I know is that every MNW game I watched this season, Livingstone made plays at receiver.

With Miami taking a big WR class next cycle, this is definitely someone to track through the offseason

Needs to work on getting YAC. He also dives way too much, he's got to start trying to stay in stride and catch them.
One of my favorite players on MNW, I've talked him up a lot in a bunch of threads throughout the season for MNW.

But, he's not the kind of WR most on here would like, so he won't receive much praise.

He's 6'1 between 170-180lbs & runs a 4.6, not a blazer but a very good route runner & has nice hands.

I know he would commit if we were after him, but I doubt he'll be in the 18 class with all the other WR's we'll prioritize over him.

He's best offensive playmaker on MNW & was huge reason why they had such a great season...

The MNW WR's were putting on a clinic vs that vaunted AH secondary everybody always hypes up lol... Only Tyson Campbell balled, but Marco & Pat Jr were routinely beat all game long.

Also, 2019 LB Samuel Brooks had Herbert looking like a turnstile all game off the edge... It was crazy to see a kid as young as Brooks just run right past Herbert time & time again lol.

And, 2019 OT Mark Fox is a kid we need to keep down in Miami, he's going to be a beast by his Senior year.
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I don't know Pete. Looks like a solid player, great hands, smooth; but nothing that pops out to me on film.


All look way more explosive