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2018 Texas CB's

Liberty City El

May 14, 2016

Anthony Cook, Lamar, Cornerback

Anthony Cook - IMO, one of the best CB's in the nation...
The #1 ranked CB in Texas, Elite 5-star that plays for the powerhouse school of Lamar & is the quintessential CB prospect.
Has 10INT's for his career, he's a naturally gifted Ballhawk with legit 4.4/4.5 speed, has great instincts, great prototypical size & is no doubt a baller.

When the discussion comes up with Pat Jr, a lot times people might think my stance on him as being overrated comes from the fact he's probably not coming to Miami & it's not. I think this kid Ant Cook is better than Surtain by comparison & he's not coming to Miami either.


Trent Gordon, Manvel, Cornerback

Trent Gordon - From out of Manvel Tx, good 5A school that faces very good comp...
This kid has had a very productive career thus far with 110tckls 4TFL's & 2INT's (total) in his Soph & Junior year.
I like this kid a little more at FS, but at 6'0 180lbs, I think is a very good underrated CB.


Tanner McCalister, Rockwall-Heath, Cornerback

Tanner McCalister - Another great size kid, with 4.4 speed, versatile athlete & plays the Corner tough.
He had a good Junior season with 55tckls (total) 6TFL's 3FF's 2FR's & 1INT...
What I like most about this kid is his aggressive tackling, he doesn't mind hitting & does very well tracking down runners.

For 2018, we've already heard a lot about every single prospect in Florida & we'll continue to hear more as their Senior seasons progress and we start focusing in on the #Storm18 class.

With that said, I wanted to highlight a few out of state prospects that I believe are really good football players (who all particularly come from Texas)...

I feel as though States like Georgia, Texas & Louisiana produce quite a bit of great football talent, obviously Florida is the Mecca of High School Football & NO state is better than Florida in pure talent, but there's still some ballers nationwide.

I do not think any of these kids are coming here, that wasn't the point of this thread, these are just some out of state prospects I been keeping up on & thought some of the "croot heads" like myself might be interested.
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Maude. Gone. Rogue.
Jan 12, 2014
Thanks LCE. Great information on kids we wouldn't know about until they ball out in college.


Jan 29, 2012
Thanks! I hope u keep it up, this is great stuff.

However, if Richt can't get 2/3 of these studs Storm18 class is a failure and Rumph sucks at recruiting.


Nov 3, 2011
If Miami leaves the tri county area for DB's next year please just close the football program.


Nov 2, 2011
Good stuff - would love to cherry pick Texas. Used to be a real nice cherry pickinig place back in the late 80s/early 90s. Lot of city ballers in the Houston/Dallas area