2018 QB Tyler Foote


May 14, 2016

Tyler Foote, John Burroughs School, Pro-Style Quarterback

6'2 205lbs QB from out of STL, Dual sport athlete that plays both Football & Baseball, goes to John Burroughs in Missouri.

This kid has a great arm, lighting quick release & delivers the ball with great velocity, I mean he throws bullets.

You can clearly see his Baseball background in his film, because he's pure natural thrower.

He had a phenomenal Sophomore year with over 2,100yds 35TD's & just 4INT's, leading his team to a 14-1 record & won their State Championship.

His Junior season was a down year, his team went 4-7 & they struggled quite a bit.

What I think is that he's a very talented QB that plays on an average team, his 2016 stats are inconclusive, but I know for a fact against the best team in their district (Lutheran South) he threw for 352yds & 4TD's and they still lost 41-34, but he was named player of the week for that performance.

He's an underrated QB in the 2018 class, he doesn't have an offer from us & probably never will, this thread isn't about him coming here, just a prospect I've kept up on & think will be a baller wherever he goes.
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How do you find out about these kids Liberty?

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He's a multi talented guy.
How do you find out about these kids Liberty?
[MENTION=14457]Liberty City El[/MENTION] be like.....

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Can yall please take a look at Akeem Hayes WR at South Broward. He the truth and no body is talking about him. Let me know what yall think.