2018 OT Rafiti Ghirmai receives offer


May 14, 2016


Rafiti Ghirmai, Wakeland, Offensive Tackle

6'4 300lbs 4-star OT from out of Texas, goes to 5A school Wakeland High.

Is a ESPN 300 & holds offers from Bama, LSU, Texas, UF, UGA, Michigan & Oklahoma

Searels visited him while in Texas today & offered.
Holy Shiit. What a Nasty SOB. Looks like the kid we just got. Nasty type that will spit on your face. Compare him to the other OT Searls offered who patted the kid on his *** after he flattened him. Give this kid all day.
He's an absolute mauler, big strong kid with a good base, long arms & he finishes every block.

He's listed at 6'4, but I've seen on other sites that he's at 6'5 as well.

I like him at RT, but would also like to see him at Guard.
Offering two new OT today, does that mean the staff isn't to confident with Campbell/Barnes?
Know how I know all that "student athlete" and "amateurism" stuff is bullsht? Refs are letting this monster ride DL 20yds out of the play. If they really cared about the kids they'd make a rule to protect those poor boys from this savage. Think of the children.
This dude out there taking guys will! Hope he's like Brevin and not into those country schools. We have to get more big time OL and DT's to get back on top.
way better than the other kid they offered today. Im all in ont his one. We got some guys that u want to take with u to south beach n muck sh*t up on the ol...no more nice goofballs