2018 Miami commit DJ Scaife talks Canes

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Sep 5, 2014
2018 Miami commit DJ Scaife recently made the transition from Miami Killian to the defending 8A state champions Miami Southridge.

“It was a great move,” Scaife said “I can surround myself with guys like James Head and Randy Charlton so i have a chance to face them in practice everyday so it was an amazing move.”

Scaife has been committed to Miami for seven months now, but there was one reason why Scaife committed to Miami in the first place.

“They talk about life after college,” Scaife said “They talk about what I’m going to do when football is over and I need to have a great support system and better myself for life after football, so that’s what really drove me to Miami.”

“I’m 100% committed to Miami,” Scaife said.

While Scaife has a great relationship with the entire Miami staff, his position coach Stacy Searels, has developed the tightest bond with DJ.

“I love him,” Scaife said “He’s going to take care of me when I get into college and after college.”

“When I was watching them practice, he wasn’t too loose with his guys and I really like that in a coach.”

Miami currently has the #2 recruiting class in the nation, but while the Canes have had a difficult time maintaining early momentum in past classes, DJ thinks 2018 will be different under Richt.

“We’re taking over South Florida,” Scaife said “The coaching staff is doing a great job on the trail and I’m very excited.”

Over the last few weeks Miami’s 2018 class has created momentum with several key recruits, all of which Scaife is excited to get to work with.

“Arthur Sitkowski, I haven’t really seen his highlights because I saw it when I woke up, but I’m going to check them out after, he committed to us, so he must be good.”

“Cam and Lorenzo, I call them the two headed monster because, you just have to watch the highlight tape.”