2017 DL Justice Dean?

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb thread, I was just looking back over some prospects from a while ago & remembered his name...

I thought he was supposed to be playing Basketball & Football, but I haven't heard or seen anything from him in a long time.
Whatever happened to the 2017 DL Justice Dean who moved from the Bahamas a couple years ago, I thought he was supposed to be at Champagnat?

Also Pete, being that he's Bahamian do you know if he's related to Jhavonte or Cooney?

Justice Dean, SJB Academy, Strong-Side Defensive End

Miami Opening: Justice Dean Interview - Football Recruiting - Scout

Funny you mention that. As it turns out, everyone from the Bahamas is related, and the trio used to work together as towel boys at The Cove at Atlantis. Tell 'em That Dude sent you and get a couple Johnny Vegas shots on the house!
**** if true, according to Rivals 2017 DL Justin Dean is now 285lbs an given his frame that would be some good weight.

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