Off-Topic 20-25 plus years working why


Jan 23, 2015
the big deal then retiring , why do people go OMG 20 years WOW how did he do it ???

Cal Ripken played 20 years when it’s actually half that baseball season isn’t year round.

Now a days working 20 years is nothing in the real world, I hit 20 years working 25 plus years a go.

I watched the police officer viral retirement radio announcement.
I get it 20 years being threatened all day long TOUGH TOUGH JOB BEYOND COMPARE.

Generally speaking government employees not (police) working 20 years then retiring REALLY that’s a BREEZE compared to regular working force.

The Tonight Show Yes GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
I mean, I've worked in different jobs since I was 15 years old, I'm 35 now.

I don't know if I can drive a truck for 20 years though. :/
I remember my mother retired from Bell South at the time after 25 years and they had a party at Rusty Pelican they gave her a mantel clock.

People were so impressed WOW 25 years amazing how did you do it unreal .

I started seriously working in 1973 washing UPS trucks at night while playing football at Southwest senior high in Miami Fla.

I’m 64 and my goal is to take my SS at 661/2 and retire couple months after in 2024.

That put me over 47 years working in real world none government jobs.

If I was in government I would have retired 27 years ago with a $75K plus pension.

Amazing the government waste .

I’m getting close though 😀