Wilkins Puts Miami in Top 5

Wilkins Puts Miami in Top 5

Tito Benach
2014 Greater Atlanta Christian (Ga.) small forward Isaiah Wilkins finished his travel basketball experience this summer and seemed to enjoy himself during the process.

“I played for the Stars this summer, we had a couple good tournaments and it felt good, but when we went to Dallas we slipped up and lost all four games.”

Wilkins’ travel team ran into depth issues during the summer, but managed to excel despite the low number of players.

“We missed the Peach Jam by one game, so after that we had six or seven players quit which left us with six or seven kids on the team, but we did pretty good in the Youth Elite tournament.”

The 6’7 195 pound forward describes himself not as a flashy player, but rather a player who simply is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

“I’m just trying to get the job done as easy as possible, I’ll stuff the stat sheet if I had to with steals and assist, but I do the stuff that nobody else wants to like diving on the floor and stuff like that and just make it easier for us to win.”

The Georgia scorer averaged 17 points a game last season along with 12 rebounds, 7 blocks and four assist.

Wilkins has been hearing from almost every school in the nation and recently cut his list down to 5 schools.

“I just came out with the top 5 schools I’m going to focus on. Memphis, Virginia, Miami, Wichita State and SMU.”

The Hurricanes are a program that came late into the picture for Wilkins but still ranks as one of the teams he’s very interested in.

“They recently offered like three or four days ago, but they had been recruiting me for a long time. They came to my first game last year and I’ve had the chance to talk with Coach ‘L’. They told me they wanted to make sure they got a couple guards to commit before and they said they would call me later in the summer, and they did.”

The swingman always enjoys speaking with Miami head coach Jim Larrañaga and thinks highly of him as a teacher.

“I think he is one of the best coaches in college basketball, he told me about how they treat their players, he talked to me about the school and how they play. He told about how some of the heat guys occasionally come down and work out with them.”

Miami is coming back from one of its best performances last season and Wilkins admits their success played a key role in his interest.

“I watched a lot of the games a lot of their games last year and that big in deciding for me what my top 5 was. Just seeing how they played last year was great.”

Wilkins is planning to have a decision by the end of September and is now focusing on taking visits, however he didn’t guarantee every school will get a visit.

So now many Hurricane fans are wondering or not if Miami will be one of Wilkins’ destinations this upcoming month.

“I haven’t set anything in stone yet, but I’m pretty sure I’d be able to get down there.”

*Just to Note, Wilkins is the Step-son of NBA great Dominique Wilkins

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..... just in case you care ...... when you use an apostrophe you are, in effect, saying "IT IS." Read your sentence aloud, using IT IS where you want to write "IT'S. If it doesn't fit it's wrong!

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