Week 1 Stats: Commits and Targets

Week 1 Stats: Commits and Targets

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
These posts will not include offensive linemen and defensive stats may be tough to acquire from week-to-week, but I will do my best. I will add more if I can continue to gather their stats for the week.

Keith Bryant vs. American Heritage Delray- 4 tackles, 2TFL
Alex Collins vs. Nova- 22car for 221 yds, 3TD
Artie Burns vs. North Miami Beach- 1INT
Ray Lewis III- 1 rushing TD, Punt return TD, 2 Receiving TDs, went over 5,100 career yds
Travis Johnson vs. Plant-35 yard TD return called back on penalty
Jamal Carter- N/A
Jeremy Kerr-N/A
Standish Dobard-N/A

Matthew Thomas vs. Carol City- sat out with Strep Throat
Jordan Cunningham vs. Island Coast- 9 catches for 71 yds
Stacy Coley vs. Coral Springs- 2 catches for 37 yds and 1TD, 1car for 23 yds and a TD
AJ Turman vs. West Orange- 33car, 212 yds, 2TD
Jermaine Grace-playing Sunday vs. Bradenton
Maquedius Bain-N/A
Tim Williams-N/A

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Well it doesn't include Kirkland and Gall. Haven't been able to get Bain's or Tim Williams' stats yet either

I should be able to get Travis Johnson's shortly.

Jamal didn't know his and Dobard hasn't answered yet and they aren't online.