Virginia Gameday - Week 10

Virginia Gameday - Week 10

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

After a big win over Virginia Tech 10 days ago, UM (5-4) hits the road to take on UVA (3-6). It would be pretty bad if Miami stubbed their toes against UVA now given they hadn't won a conference game until last week. If Miami wins this game, all they need is a Duke loss to Georgia Tech next week to clinch the division.

If UVA wins this game, it would be the 3rd straight win against us.


I can't believe I just typed that. Jesus.


Where: Scott Stadium

Miami Hurricanes (5-4) v. Virginia Cavaliers (3-6)

W​hen: 12:00pm/et

How: TV
- ABC or


4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Can Miami win the line of scrimmage?
2. Can Miami finally hold an opponent to under 200 yards rushing?
3. Can Miami move the ball on the ground like last week?
Will the defense be able to deal with the losses of Johnson, Perryman, and Bush?

Last year UVA controlled the game in the trenches. They held UM under 100 yards rushing and had over 200 yards rushing themselves. The game ended when they stuffed Mike James on a 4th and 2 run where Chase Ford whiffed on his block. I wasn't all that confident about this game to begin with. Now we have to do it without our 3 best defensive players.

Last time they met: October 27, 2011. Virginia won 28-21


What people were saying during the subsequent meltdown:

We weren't around for this game last year, so I once again turned to CanesOverHere for reference.

Doofus said:
Gables said:
Then #94 from UVAg dove on top of Jabroni way after the play, and the refs ignored it. If the OL had a pair of nuts between them, that fvcker would've been carted off the field on the next play.

now now... don't be dragging our classy program back to the days of ragamuffins like Daniel Stubbs and his ilk.

Why i dont blame South Carolina or Washington for never playing us again.

Our boorish behavior was truly offensive.

If we want the Lady Bing trophy at the end of the year we must turn the other cheek and refrain from such ruffian actions.

We cannot allow ourselves to retaliate and punch some picklepuffer in the nuts, why that would cause disrepute and we all know stuff like that never happens. Retaliation is for the weak and we can prove were disciplined by taking out a tube of super glue and sticking JH's leg back on. We all love arts and crafts. It something that will bond us as a team, while we take it up the ***.

Why in another era, hooligans would have call the next play FU 94 ON 2, the quarterback would have handed the ball to a running back and every player on the line and the flanker would have hit him from all sides and the backside linemen would have piled on top. The next play you run it again and watch him run in the opposite direction. This of course is just the ravings of my overactive imagination, as i'm certain has never happened on a football field, just like i know for a fact pitchers dont throw at hitters ear holes. It just slipped

I shudder to think about the hit our sparkling reputation would have taken after such shenanigans, why folks might express disappointment. Course i doubt seriously 94 would be wandering around Harris after the whistle again, but 2 wrongs don't make a right.

I mean Mark May might call for the death penalty on us.

There is no room in this sport for this level of odious behavior again, our fans like ibis girl and some of her associates drifting about here wouldn't stand for the classless behaviors of the past like.... well... this


Im certain coach London will give that boy a stern talking to and suspend him for the next game.

Publicly, of course

He made a hard turn to the quarterback and he did tell me he was trying to avoid him up high because he could see the kid start his windup.

Im so proud, we have defensive players trying to avoid hitting QBS that are starting their windup and our head coach commending him for it. I guess this explains why we cant stop anyone.... it might offend them if we do and then our coach will jump on their *** for breaking someone in half.

Know your enemy:
Streaking The Lawn

What they're saying:

TikiUVA said:
The Canes defense has struggled mightily this season against power rushing teams. The OL simply must play well, and open up holes for Perry Jones and Kevin Parks. If the rushing game isn't working, the Hoos have little chance.
The Canes also have very good special teams, as usual. Their returners are dynamic and can take a kick to the house at any time. This is terrifying for a Virginia team that has struggled in recent games in kick coverage. Our special teams as a whole scare me this week.
The Canes are favored by 3 points on the road, which means they are about 6 points better that the Hoos. The Hoos caught a lot of breaks last week, and caught NCSt on a bad day. The Canes won't make the same mistakes, and our weaknesses will continue to be a problem.
Prediction: Hurricanes 24, Hoos 14

I think we're gonna need a big performance from special teams too. The passing game just hasn't been working since NC State, and these guys shut down our running game last year.

Miami Notes:

1. Gabe Terry is 'bout that life.
2. UM's defense continues to improve.
3. This game is kind of a big deal.


1. Mike London wants his team to finish the season strong.

2. UVA will continue their 2 QB system this week
UVA needs to win out if they want to be bowl eligible.

A big reason the ACC probably doesn't want us to self impose a bowl ban this year is that Duke might be the only team that is bowl eligible in our division. Also, there are probably only 4 teams in the Atlantic that will be bowl eligible. That's 5 teams in a 12 team conference.

Favorite Virginia related Image, Photoshop, or Gif,


CavMan down!


Miami 2-deep depth chart


Miami (FL) Hurricanes
Next game: Miami (FL) at Virginia on 11/10​
DatePlayer NamePosStatusInjuryNotes
11/09Eddie JohnsonLBOutSuspendedRumors leaked late Friday that Eddie Johnson was suspended for the game against UVA.
11/09Kacy RodgersDB ProbableLegKacy Rodgers was injured last game against Virginia Tech. He is fourth on the team in tackles with 46 on the year. He has been upgraded to probable with a leg injury for week 11.
11/08Robert LockhartWR Out For YearLegTrue freshman Robert Lockhart is out for the year with a leg injury. Lockhart has played in two games this season, and likely burned his redshirt.
11/08Denzel PerrymanLB DoubtfulAnkleKey defensive player Denzel Perryman is doubtful after being injured last game against Virginia Tech. Perryman is third on the team with 50 tackles even though he has missed two games on the year. He also has six tackles on the year.
11/07Deon BushLB DoubtfulStingerDeon Bush suffered a stinger in the game against Virginia Tech last Thursday. The Canes remained optimistic that he would be fine for the game against UVA Saturday, but he still remains doubtful.
10/28Eduardo ClementsRB Out For YearUndisclosedBackup running back Eduardo Clements is out for the year with an undisclosed injury. He played in seven games this season carrying the ball 16 times for 70 yards and two touchdowns.
10/25Kelvin CainLB Out For YearPersonalUpperclassmen Kelvin Cain has reportedly left the team, though there are conflicting reports on whether this was voluntary or not. Cain had 11 tackles on the year, including one sack.
10/19Ben JonesOL Out For YearFootReserve offensive lineman Ben Jones missed the game against North Carolina and is now out for the year.
10/02Jermaine JohnsonOL OutPersonalJermaine Johnson has not been with the team for a few weeks now due to personal reasons and there is no timetable for when he'll be back.
09/23Malcom LewisWR Out For YearAnkleFreshman wideout Malcom Lewis went down with a dislocated ankle on Saturday against Georgia Tech. He is out for the year. He caught 8 passes for 73 yards and one touchdown this season before the injury.
09/19Sean McNallyLS Out For YearUndisclosedJunior Sean McNally is expected to miss the remainder of the season with an undisclosed injury.
09/09Ramon BuchananLB Out For YearKneeBuchanan will miss the rest of the season with a right knee injury he suffered during the Kansas State game. The fifth-year senior was also injured last season after starting only 4 games.

2-deep depth chart (pdf)


Virginia Cavaliers
Next game: Miami (FL) at Virginia on 11/10​
DatePlayer NamePosStatusInjuryNotes
11/09Eli HaroldDEOutUndisclosedVirginia defensive end Eli Harold will not play in Saturday's game against Miami because of an unspecified medical issue.
11/08Drequan HoskeyDB QuestionableFootStarting defensive back Drequan Hoskey is questionable with a foot injury. He has started eight games and recorded 30 tackles.
11/08Mario NixonWR Out For YearUndisclosedFreshman wideout Mario Nixon is out for the year with an undisclosed injury. He has not recorded any stats for the year.
11/08Bill SchautzDE DoubtfulUndisclosedDefensive end Bill Schautz missed last few games for the Cavaliers and he remains doubtful for the game against Miami.
11/06Henry ColeyLB ProbableSuspensionLinebacker Henry Coley was suspended for the game against NC State due to a violation of team rules. Coley has started in all eight games and recorded 40 tackles (fourth on the team). He has 4.5 tackles for loss. He has been reinstated and is probable for the game against Miami.
11/06LoVante BattleS ProbableSuspensionBackup safety and utility player LoVante Battle is probable for the game Saturday after serving a suspension for a violation of team rules.
11/04Buddy RuffDL QuestionableMedicalReserve defensive lineman Buddy Ruff is questionable after missing the NC State game.
11/04Jeremiah MathisTE QuestionableSuspensionBackup tight end Jeremiah Mathis is questionable for the game against NC State due to a suspension for a violation of team rules. Mathis has played in all eight games this season and caught five balls for 42 yards and a touchdown this season.
11/04Clifton RichardsonRB QuestionableIllnessSophomore running back Clifton Richardson is questionable with an illness. Richardson has only played in four games this season and rushed for 43 yards on 18 carries.
10/01Kelby JohnsonOL QuestionableSuspensionBackup offensive lineman Johnson did not play against TCU or LaTech. He has been serving a suspension for violation of team rules.

Gameday Character:

Do, or do not. There is no try.


Bow Bow

Lets Go Canes!

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Lets be honest. Our D wasnt going to shut them out anyways. Our offense has to be on today for us to win this game and I think they will.

We roll.
Two thumbs up Danno! The Clements thing still boggles me...yeah I said boggle.
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I have a shirt with that same Yoda quote on it - randomly wore it a couple days ago = we win?