Video: Signing Day at Booker T. Washington

Video: Signing Day at Booker T. Washington

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Miami picked up two signings from local powerhouse Booker T. Washington HS on Wednesday morning, as RB Mark Walton and LB James King put pen-to-paper. Myself and Alejandro Narciso of were there to cover the action.

We spoke with with Walton, King, and Head Coach Tim Harris, Jr. about their decisions as well as the state of the Miami program.


This is the first installment of a series that Alejandro and I will be posting. More to come throughout the week and in the coming months. Would also like to credit Mark Poulose for his camera work this morning.

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Appreciate the interviews Bruh, Salute.

so happy for those kids, Lifelong dreams becoming true. F5 takeover, they on a mission.
Bummed about the state the program. Bummed about our coach. Super excited kids like this still want to play here. Welcome Mark Walton and James King!
Is that Terry Jefferson's sister at the 2:08 mark? Does Golden have any scholies left?

Excellent feature, Pete.
Mark Walton is a god **** man. Love the way he carries himself not only confident but humble
I love the message Coach Harris is speaking my opinion all U fake fans can keep it moving...we will be back on top sooner or later (and we all hope its sooner)
Im going to take Harris Jr word on King. He is right we need grinders. Chip on jis shoulders like King. I want him to succed. If we could get a grinder kid. Booker T Miami the way to go..