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can anybody give small summaries of these?

I can't watch the video.

Or I could just go **** myself.

pete making moves on the streets

thought you handled the interview pretty smoothly to be honest. good job.

the wez is looking for you btw.
Come back gonzo, we have some questions for you
good job pete. you're really starting to come into your own.
Pete is hitting the big time by the next few years. Congrats on the success.
I joined Bleacher Report to talk Saturday's spring game, Brad Kaaya, replacing Duke Johnson, and potential breakout stars on defense. Link below

I know this may be too much to ask for....but any chance you all discussed the ineptitude on the coaching staff?

Why so you and your buddies could circle jerk on each other?

Listen bud, we have a serious coaching, leadership and administrative problem at the university of miami.

There is one reason we are all fans and that is because of the championship legacy of this university. That legacy is on life support and posters like you stand around and accept it. If you support this **** than you are as much a problem as the those mentioned in my first sentence.
cant see the video damnit, wanted to see your constant ***** face
Good Job Pete.. I learned from Chaturbate that you want to have the camera at eye level or a bit below and the lights facing you..
Is this the video that pete created a fake screen name and tried to generate hits to on another un associated site??
Interesting. Pete, why didn't you post the same OP as you did over in the WEZ?

And I quote (Pete's words, not mine):
Who the **** would want to interview this unibrowed **** for their website? Holy ****