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Underclassman Spotlight: 2022 QB Peter Zamora

Underclassman Spotlight: 2022 QB Peter Zamora

Football is back and in full swing, so I am going to be bringing back the “Underclassman Spotlight” articles I started towards the end of last season. For those who are unfamiliar, these articles highlight players who are not currently seniors and are making a big splash during their high school season. I am looking for guys who do not have many big time offers, but are likely to gain more recruiting traction due to their play on the field. Now that we have that settled, let's discuss this week's spotlight player.

Monarch QB Peter Zamora is only a sophomore, but is already looking like a future big time prospect. Through three regular season games, Zamora has completed over 75% of his passes, thrown for 786 yards, and has 12 touchdowns with only 1 interception.

Zamora is a standard pocket passer, as he only has three rushing yards on the year, but he has shown the ability to move around the pocket and extend plays when he has to. Also, Zamora does this while often being able to keep his eyes down field and look for the play to develop. He looks very advanced mentally for such a young player. Zamora throws a beautiful ball and every throw he makes just looks easy for him. The class of 2022 standout has a strong enough arm to make any throw that he is asked to, but will also only get stronger as he gets older. When you watch the highlights clipped below, remember that Zamora is only 15 or 16 years old.

I have yet to see Zamora live so I have not gotten to see the full package, but his highlights show me someone who is poised to be bombarded with big time offers. Zamora’s only offer at the time of writing this is FAU. Zamora is listed at 5’11’’ which is short for a QB if that is accurate. However, Zamora is young enough where you would expect him to grow. All in all, South Florida does not produce many big time quarterbacks, but I think Zamora will be one of the few.


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Looks legit. Hopefully he grows a little more and isn't like most of the Broward turds that leave town.
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How does he compare to then st Thomas qb that’s looked good who is also ‘22
He'll grow two to three inches minimum by the time he is a senior.
This guy was dropping dimes during 7-on-7 season. He plays like Rex Grossman.
This guy was dropping dimes during 7-on-7 season. He plays like Rex Grossman.
7 on 7 is football in underwear, Rex Grossman was a gun slinger, this kid throws rainbows
Impressive kid considering Monarchs not known for having any talent. A lot of these all star HS QBs have big time weapons and oline. Mostly private schools
I run the weight room for Monarch. Pete is a legit leader. He has some stuff to work on but he is constantly asking what he needs to do to get better.
He does need to work on a few things and hopefully grow but he is not afraid to work
Committed to Marshall. He hasn't grown as much as hoped but I'm a fan. Threw the ball all over the field last year after moving to South Carolina.