Underclassman Spotlight: 2020 Running Back Kylen Callum

Underclassman Spotlight: 2020 Running Back Kylen Callum

For this week’s Underclassman Spotlight, we head up to Lake City to check out Columbia’s 2020 running back Kylen Callum. This 5’5’’ running back proves that size is just a number every time he steps on the field. Not only is Callum a shifty and slippery runner, but he has also been known to run through some DB’s in the open field. What Callum lacks in size he adds in toughness and heart. Sometimes people will pity themselves when they are ‘too short’ or ‘too small’; Callum just uses it to fuel his fire.

Columbia is one of the best teams in the state thanks to one of the best offenses in the state and Callum is one of the focal points of that offense. Kylen Callum has rushed the ball 128 times this year for over 800 yards and 10 touchdowns. He is also very effective coming out of the backfield, which is why he has 142 yards and two touchdowns as a receiver. A lot of times durability can be a concern with smaller running backs, but you can put those concerns to rest by touching the ball over 130 times through 10 games without slowing down.

Numbers do not always tell the whole story, especially in high school. However, film does not lie. Callum’s film shows that he is one of the toughest and quickest backs in the state. It also shows that he has breakaway speed once he makes his cut and turns on the jets. On top of Callum’s most effective plays is the slip screen coming out of the backfield. With his smaller frame, Callum appears to disappear behind the offensive linemen from the defenses point of view, which allows him to make big plays.

Right now, Callum only has one offer which is from Chattanooga, but that could change this offseason. We have seen top notch college programs go after small running backs like they did with Shaun Shivers from Chaminade Madonna. Shivers eventually signed with Auburn, but also had offers from Georgia and LSU. If Callum continues to perform on the field and at camps, he could blow up the way that Shivers did.

I can not say if Miami will ever offer Callum, but it does not seem likely they make a real push at him even if they do offer. Miami is already recruiting many highly rated running backs in next year’s class such Don Chaney Jr, Demarkcus Bowman, and Henry Parrish just to name a few. At this point, it looks like Miami would really have to blow it at running back in next year’s class for Callum to be seriously considered. With that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if other programs came knocking.

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