Sunshine Pipeline Documentary

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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Wanted to share this with you guys... I was involved in putting this together and conducted most of the interviews. This was a project for a class at UM and we try to give you a look at what makes South Florida football culture different. 22 minutes long if you can find some time to watch.

Click "Watch on Vimeo"

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Pete you continue to separate yourself from all others. And I may actually od from all these updates and good news thanks.
Really good stuff in there, especially watching as an outsider. Well done.
Good job, but the early involvement and the shear number of players is the primary reasons for success. That's just a statistical fact. Now the pressure on family support and criminal elements can increase the pressure to perform well, but can't change the fact there are more that aren't a football success.
When I click the link, I get a message saying "This video is private. Enter password."
I watched it...It didn't need a password earlier, someone must have tweeked something because now it is asking for one.
Alright which one of you boys is keepin the **** password to yourselves?
eh hem..... P Dubs?
[MENTION=3894]Peter Ariz[/MENTION] Ditto the vimeo video is still requesting a password.

Go Canes
The twitter page/feed looks great also.

I found these trailers it looks good so far. Now if we can only get the password for the main video.


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