Recap: We Suck - UVA Wins 41 - 40

Recap: We Suck - UVA Wins 41 - 40

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

I couldn't bring myself to do this yesterday afternoon. Too pist off after what I had just witnessed to put any effort into it. I figured if I slept on it I could come up with a reasoned recap. Nope. I'm still uber pist off. If you don't want read yet another emo, negative as **** post ripping players and coaches to shreds, then stop reading and GTFO.

Before we go any further, I want remind you of something I posted earlier last week. This is what the NC State blog Backing The Pack wrote about their loss to UVA the week before:

me said:
Akula Wolf said:
And now more questions. Performances like these--especially given the timing--can really begin to turn the tide of public opinion. Frustration was already present. I could feel it simmering in the building, even through the TV. Before I was conflicted in my feelings about the whole TOB era, as I outlined here, and now I guess I'm a little more confused than I had been. Ultimately the results the rest of the way will set the course for the program going into 2013, and if the Pack spends the rest of 2012 just going through the motions, that might be impetus enough to make a change, even if the team gets bowl eligible. If I had to guess, I'd say O'Brien's job is safe unless the Pack finishes out the year with a string of meltdowns like that UVA performance. That would create generous circumstances for "going in a new direction."

Basically, this loss was so demoralizing it has them talking about Tom O'Brien's job security we should beat these guys. When a loss to UVA is too much for NC State fans to bear, we better ******* win.


Cool tie.

I am, in no way, advocating the removal Al Golden. But something needs to change and I think we all know what that is. And again, "When a loss to UVA is too much for NC State fans to bear, we better ******* win."



Here's what I said were the keys to victory in the gameday post:

4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Can Miami win the line of scrimmage?
2. Can Miami finally hold an opponent to under 200 yards rushing?
3. Can Miami move the ball on the ground like last week?
Will the defense be able to deal with the losses of Johnson, Perryman, and Bush?


Miami controlled the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball for the first time all year.

Too bad it didn't mean ****.


Congratulations guys. You defied the odds and ended an 8 game streak of allowing over 200 yards rushing. This is a monumental feat, especially since every team on our schedule has the hogs of the 1980's Washington Redskins for an offensive line and Walter Payton at running back. When you play in such an immensely talented league like the ACC you can only hope to have a defensive wizard like Mark D'Onofrio on the coaching staff imparting his wisdom unto the players. We really are so lucky. In fact the 94 yards allowed was the lowest total all year (96 Boston College). Lets give Dorito a 50 year extension for accomplishing such an amazing feat.

Too bad it didn't mean ****.


Sure did. Duke was Duke, rushing for 150 yards on 16 carries (9.4 per carry). My only question is why did he only get 16 carries? Mike James chipped in another 52 yards on 12 carries (4.3 per carry).

Too bad it didn't mean ****.


For ***** sakes. Dominique Terrell is still wide the **** open in the middle of the field. Going into this game, UVA averaged just 22.8 ppg on the season. By the end of the 1st quarter they had 21. If only Dorito had 2 freshman and a sophomore in the game we could've held UVA to under 40 points. Since Johnson wasn't injured, he better have killed a guy to not be allowed to travel this game. If I find out he got left home because he mouthed off to someone, I'm going to murder Al Golden in his sleep.

Michael Rocco was basically Peyton Manning yesterday, finishing with 29/37 for 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. He would have had more, but UVA was rotating him with Phillip Sims. He had two touchdown drives of over 70 yards in the final 7 minutes of the game. He also set a school record of 18 consecutive completions.

The defense had already set the school record for yards allowed in a season. After yesterday, they've now allowed 4,701 yards in just 10 games. That's an AVERAGE of 470.1 per game for all you mathematicians out there. The team has also allowed 312 points on the season, which is 2 points off the school record for a single season. There are at least 2 more games to add to that, possibly 4.


Lets Recap.

1st Quarter:

It started out innocently enough. After UM kicked off, Curtis Porter had a TFL on the first play from scrimmage. Pierre followed it up by walking down the receiver on a middle screen for no gain. Then we saw what would be a familiar theme throughout the game, Dominque Terrell wide open over the deep middle on 3rd/4th and long. It happened a 2nd time later in the drive. Then UVA ran a reverse for a big gain that set up 1st and goal. Luther Robinson was lined up at DE and lost contain. Can't wait for his dad to call into Joe Rose again to blame his son's failures on Golden. 2 plays later Rocco threw his 1st TD pass of the game to some guy that overpowered Gionni Paul and Jimmy Gaines to get over the goal line. 7-0 UVA.

UM started doing some ****, then Duke ran 52 yards to get inside the UVA 10. Duke then threw TD pass to Hurns on a trick play to tie the game at 7. Fisch is probably jerking himself off now that one of his dip**** cutesy plays in the redzone finally worked.

UM forces UVA into another 3rd and long on their next drive, but McGee is flagged for holding. On the next play Rocco hits Darius Jennings for a 46 yard gain. No clue who was supposed to cover him on that play. Pretty sure no one on the field or Dorito knew either so it's all good. Rocco hits Jennings on a hitch on the next play for a TD. 14-7 UVA.

Duke returned the kickoff 95 yards to tie the game at 14. Fentress laid some joke from UVA out on a crack back block. UVA returned the kickoff out to mid field and Sims comes in to replace Rocco. Miami forces another 3rd and long and upholds the legacy of not getting off the field. Later Moore got flagged on some bull**** blow to the head penalty setting Virginia up with a 1st and goal. UVA designs a run for Sims to the left side and the defense bottles it up. So Sims decides to reverse field and runs completely around the defense for a 6 yard TD run to make it 21-14 UVA.


On Miami's next possession, Morris throws a short pass to Dorsett who takes it 45 yards down to the 14 yard line of UVA to end the quarter. 21-14 UVA.

2nd Quarter:

On the very first play, Morris hits Hurns in the endzone to tie the game up at 21 a piece.


On UVA's next possession they try the same HB option pass they ran last year with Perry Jones. This time it's covered and McGee picks it off and returns it to the 50. UM gets down to about the 15 where Fisch starts herping and derping all over himself leading to a field goal. 24-21. Could've used 6 there.

UVA takes over and they throw a screen to Parks who turns it into a huge gain. It would've been longer but Rodgers clotheslines him at midfield. Luckily there wasn't a flag. Virginia starts doing whatever they want on offense and eventually Parks punches in TD run of 4 yards to make it 28-24 UVA.

Miami's next drive stalls at midfield, and UVA runs out the clock to take a 28-24 into the half.

3rd Quarter:

Miami self destructs with penalties on their 1st possession. Really pathetic way to come out to start the half. UM's defense finally forced a 3 and out. On UM's next drive they let Duke run wild. He basically was the entire offense that drive. Mike James breaks a big run up the middle down to Virginia's 9 yard line. Next play Morris hits Walford on a play action bootleg for a touchdown. 31-28 UM.

Virginia is methodically moving down the field just outside of the redzone. Then we had a Chickillo sighting when he managed to get off a block and sack the QB. First time since the Georgia Tech game that I've heard the announcers say Chickillo's name for something that happened on the field, and not when they were simply mentioning he was a 3rd generation Cane. UVA is forced to punt and UM takes over inside their own 5.

On Miami's next possesion Duke and James are running wild, picking up at least 5 yards every play. Morris tries to hit Hurns deep, but it draws a P.I. flag. The quarter ends with UM still up 31-28.

4th Quarter:

UM is facing 4th and inches and they go for it. James runs hard up the middle and almost breaks it but is tripped up but the last man. After all the running Duke and James did to this point of the drive, Fisch naturally decides to call a read option with Morris. You know, since we are a read option team and all. Morris picks up over 20 yards thanks to a blatant hold on Henderson which draws a flag. Morris is also stripped and the ball is recovered by UVA inside the 5. Great call Fisch. Even better ball security by Morris. Maybe we need more 'players coaching players' so they can learn how to not fumble.


The whole reason this drive was working was because Virginia couldn't stop our running game. After the game, when you look at the box score and see Duke only had 16 carries, plays like this make you so god**** mad. Especially since Duke and James haven't lost a fumble all year.

Miami forces a quick 3 and out and Virginia has to punt from their endzone. The punt is short and Miami takes over in UVA territory. Duke picks up another first down on a big run down to the 35. On the next play, Morris pump fakes to Hurns on a hitch and hits Dorsett streaking down the sideline for huge TD pass to make it 38-28. They set up this play all game with tons of hitches to Hurns, Waters, and Dorsett all day. Miami had now outscored UVA 24-7 since the 1st quarter ended, and it looked like UM was gonna pull out another win.

Again...Rocco finds Terrell open over the middle. He's already got them into UM territory now. Rocco proceeds to dink and dunk his way inside Miami's 10. On 3rd and goal Rocco finds Jennings again in the back of the endzone to make it 38-35 UM with about 6 minutes left.

Duke takes the kickoff 60 yards down to the UVA 41. 2nd straight drive where Miami starts in UVA territory. Miami took that good fortune by going 3 and out. There's less than 6 minutes left and Miami needed to bleed clock and get first downs. So naturally Fisch only called 1 running play. The possession took 1:06 off the clock Miami punts and it's downed inside the 10. Rocco Drops back to pass and Porter collapses the pocket forcing Rocco to roll left into Chickillo. He throws a 2 yard pass and is flagged for grounding since the ball didn't reach the line of scrimmage. The refs also rule he was in the endzone and call it a safety! It's reviewed and is upheld 40-35 UM. It shouldn't have been ruled a safety, but after Miami's 3 and out I could feel the game slipping away and didn't give any ***** about it being a horrible call.

Duke returns the free kick to mid field and Miami is in excellent field position once again. After taking less than a minute off the clock with their last three and out Miami got all conservative and ran 3 straight times up the middle. UVA knew Miami was going to do this and sold out on the run and forced another 3 and out and used a TO after the 3rd down stop. This possession took 1:41 off the clock. So, Miami has 3 drives that begin at midfield or in UVA territory in the 4th quarter and they got only 7 points to show for it. Brick by brick, UM has done everything they could to blow this game at this point.

UVA takes over at their own 14 yard line with 2:32 remaining in the game. After some ineffectual playcalling, Rocco hits Terrell again over the middle for a 1st down at their own 40 yard line. Miami forces 4th and long...Rocco finds Terrell again over the middle to get down to UM's 40 yard line. The clock is taking forever to move.

Miami forces 4th and 7...incomplete to Terrell over the middle, but Finnie is flagged for holding. It was a good call as he grabbed onto Terrell's jersey earlier in the play. I guess it was just a M.E. (mental error). Miami forces 3rd and 2, but Rocco scrambles for the 1st down to the 10 yard line.

2 plays later Rocco floats a pass to the back of the endzone to tight end Jake McGee over Gionni Paul and AJ Highsmith with 6 seconds left on the clock.



They go for 2 and don't convert. 41-40 UVA.

After a futile attempt at trickery on the ensuing kickoff the game ends.



That's 3 straight to these jackoffs.

After 22 games as UM's coach, Golden is 11-11. Randy Shannon was 12-10.

Dorito and Fisch suck at life.

Senior Day is next week against USF at 3:00. We only have to put up with this team 2 more times.

Comments (8)

16 carries for Duke

UVA 9-14 on 3rd down

Rocco 29-37 300 4 TD 0 INT
I can't even put these on the coaches. We are in week 11 and players still ******* up on assignments. I don't give a **** if they are a back up! Our ******* safeties are horrible minus Bush of course, Jamal Carter where are you?
here is a list of guys that should never be on the field in meaningful minutes on defense:

Rodgers (maybe at the rover/slot position he played vs FSU)
the walk on LB
Gaines is borderline but is a competent back up
shayon green at DE is brutal

we still need 2 recruiting classes to fix the talent/depth issues BUT you cannot convince me that the problems on defense are ONLY due to talent/depth

D'No is getting worked out there all too often. he pulls a few decent games out of his *** here and there but the embarrassments of BC, UVA, ND, KSU are just too much

I highly doubt that the guy will ever be the answer. if he was, he would be overachieving with this unit and he is clearly not
We are a bad team who just lost a game to a team that was favored to beat us.

I guess it is the occasional flashes of good plays that somehow clouds fans' minds into thinking that this is somehow 10 years ago and we should be easily beating other bad teams.

We have the talent/depth/experience of a bottom level ACC team. We have somehow overachieved in a very poor ACC division which we still have a chance to win. Too many fans confus ethics with the reality of the situation.
Games like this should cost some coaches their jobs. Whether it be the DB's coach, DL coach or the DC,someone need to go. If not, it says to me and other knowledgeable fans that his admin(Shalala) is ok with mediocrity forever. Losing to K St, ND and FSU, while difficult is for the most part understanding. Laying an egg to UNC(which just surrendered 60+ to GT) and once again failing to live up to a potential coastal title with a win to the fecal matter known as UVA is deplorable.

No other way to slice and dice it. Spare me the injuries/suspensions cuz I saw BC and NC Stat put up redonkulous numbers with Bush, Perryman and EJ in the lineup. There is no reason under the sun we should play so bad against a team as bad as UVA. None.
Golden doesn't "get it" or he would have got it and by that I mean the coastal title. Now some are saying we could still win it with a win over Duke. Excuse me while I puke. How bout just for once, we go out and perform as if we cared? How bout someone on the defensive side of the ball step up and make a friggin play? How bout our coach over rule his DC and explicitly demand that someone cover the middle of the field. Our interior D played as if there were land mines between the hashes. I mean how many times do we get beat by the same play before someone on the staff or the 85 man roster wakes up and says "I got this"?

How many here knew in the hearts that when UVA got the ball back that they would carve up our D? I said to the group I was watching with that the Eyetalian kid Rocco was gonna be Montana/Marino on the final drive and just destroy us. I knew we would have our struggles this year. It goes beyond that. But to maintain the status quo after this is a signal that middle of the pack is what we strive for. Me thinks Shalala is fine with that. The Troglodyke must be exterminated.
We are a bad team who just lost a game to a team that was favored to beat us.

I guess it is the occasional flashes of good plays that somehow clouds fans' minds into thinking that this is somehow 10 years ago and we should be easily beating other bad teams.

We have the talent/depth/experience of a bottom level ACC team. We have somehow overachieved in a very poor ACC division which we still have a chance to win. Too many fans confus ethics with the reality of the situation.

the reality of the situation on Saturday is that we were up by 10 points in the mid 4th quarter vs a very bad team. we proceeded to herp and derp our way to a loss that was mind boggling. the coaches FAILED. period.